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by Megan Seamans September 25, 2018

Must-See Sessions at #DF18

There are hundreds of sessions at Dreamforce, making it impossible to see them all! Although the agenda builder can be helpful, the amount of sessions is daunting and choosing which to attend is a challenge. That is why LevelEleven has gathered sessions that you won't want to miss to report back to you. Keep reading to see what we recommend!

by Megan Seamans September 18, 2018

The Beginners Guide to #DF18 From a Fellow Beginner

As a Dreamforce newbie, I’ve heard a lot of positive things about this amazing conference and couldn’t be more excited to attend! With that being said, I also know that Dreamforce is a beast and being prepared is crucial to making the most of the experience. So, I went looking for tips from Dreamforce veterans within LevelEleven. I have gathered their best advice to share with you, my fellow Dreamforce newcomers. Good luck!

by Julie Dunn June 29, 2013

Salesforce Tip Video: Get Closer to a “Closed – Won”

Do you fully understand your sales opportunities? Take advantage of “Qualification Details” in Salesforce, and you will. See what we mean in this week’s tip.  Or, check out the transcript: Salesforce Tip: Get Closer to a “Closed – Won” Hi, my name is Rich Starkey. I’m an Account Executive for LevelEleven.  I use Salesforce every

by Julie Dunn June 16, 2013

Salesforce Tip Video: Don’t “Go Dark” on Prospects

Ever forget to follow up with a prospect? Watch this video, and learn how to leverage Salesforce so that will never happen again… Or, check out the transcript: Don’t “Go Dark” on Prospects My name is Felipe Gonzales-Paul. I’m an Account Executive at LevelEleven.  I use Salesforce to keep track of my pipeline and all

by Julie Dunn June 7, 2013

Salesforce Tip Video: Want More Leads?

Want more leads? Then use Salesforce to understand what works. Watch this week’s tip to get the details from LevelEleven’s Director of Marketing, Kristy Sharrow. Or, check out the transcript. Want More Leads? Understand What Works Hi, my name is Kristy Sharrow, and I’m the Director of Marketing at LevelEleven.  I use Salesforce to communicate

by Julie Dunn May 31, 2013

Prospecting? Track “Activities” in Salesforce [Video]

Spend your days prospecting? Then you probably understand better than most the importance of effectively managing your timing. Watch this video to find out how LevelEleven’s Business Development Manager, Karley Hall, uses Salesforce to do that… Or, check out the transcript: Prospecting? Track “Activities” in Salesforce My name’s Karley Hall. I’m the Business Development Manager at