Executive Scorecard

Get a top-down view of your organization’s most important activities and metrics with Executive Scorecard. Drill down to easily compare business units, regions, teams, or other groupings’ performance against goals. See results in real-time to make informed decisions on how to improve performance.

Lead with Real-Time Insights

Executive Scorecard leverages real-time data from LevelEleven and Salesforce to help senior leaders quickly understand current and historical team performance, compare teams to identify areas that need improvement, and make informed decisions to drive your company forward. Request a Demo Today.

Roll Up and Drill Down

Compare performance metrics across your organization even if they are not tracked at an individual team level. This allows senior leaders to run comparisons between different teams against a common metric that is critical to the sales process.

Score Overall Team Performance

Leverage the LevelEleven Performance Index (LPI) to provide senior leaders with a digestible view to quickly identify problem areas and take action.

Focus on the Wildly Important

Bring complete focus and insight to the KPIs that you want your entire organization to focus on. Use LevelEleven’s Executive Scorecard to view how your organization, as well as different levels of the organization, are performing against their goals.

Identify Correlations Between Metrics

Use the LevelEleven Performance Quadrant (LPQ) to quickly see which metrics correlate with the overall outcomes you are trying to drive. Leverage these insights to drive any necessary changes within your team.

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