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Sales Performance Management is a term that has many definitions, most of them complex and not really helpful for understanding what it actually is.

That’s a shame, because Sales Performance Management can be an incredibly powerful solution for a sales leader to implement in any organization. While it can look different for every sales team, the fundamental purpose of Sales Performance Management is improving the way your sales team works – and their results. In this guide, we answer all the questions you could possibly have about Sales Performance Management. 

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Sales Performance Measurement Trends - activity tracking metrics

Research shows that sales managers need to manage the right activities and coach related behaviors (leading indicators) that lead to the desired results (lagging indicators).

But which leading indicators should sales managers focus on?

The LevelEleven research team analyzed 3,000+ key performance indicators being used by 800+ sales teams to find out, and we are eager to let you know what we uncovered. Download our ebook today for all our findings.

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Salespeople are competitive by nature, they want to win and be recognized for their success. Sure, you could give them an Amazon gift card and let them choose what they want. But sometimes it’s fun to get creative with your contest prizes!