Cultivate winning behavior

Create contests in minutes

Spin up an automated sales contest to motivate any behavior, metric, or KPI tracked in Salesforce that you need to improve. With Competitions, you don’t need help from IT. Harness the power of positive competition with sales gamification.

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LevelEleven Badges graphic - motivate employees with rewards recognition

Celebrate your team

Rev up your sales team and give top performers the spotlight they deserve with Badges. Managers and reps can create these custom emblems to send to other Performance Scorecard users, celebrating success and hard work. 

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Stay on pace

Get your team focused on the behaviors that drive revenue, customer experience, and business results with Performance Scorecards. LevelEleven empowers leaders and reps like you to course-correct sooner so your team can get back on track and achieve your goals.

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Motivate your teams

LevelEleven automatically sends productivity triggers via, Salesforce Chatter, email, TV broadcasts, sales leaderboards, and more.

Gamification, your way

Build sales contests that fit your team. Create custom incentives and award individual or team-based spiffs.

See real-time standings

Leaderboards are one of the best ways to motivate your team and provide visibility into where they stand.

Healthy competition

Boost sales productivity and improve team performance with contests powered by LevelEleven.

Leverage easy-to-use wizard

LevelEleven makes contest creation a breeze with its intuitive design, all right in Salesforce.

Increase Salesforce adoption

Since it all lives within Salesforce, your reps will never have to leave CRM or log their activities elsewhere to be rewarded.

Build a culture of performance

The top two ways to motivate people beyond compensation are competition and recognition. Our Channel11 TV broadcast solution for sales contests and leaderboards promotes both. Broadcast real-time performance from customer wins, sales, contests, Performance Scorecard metrics, Salesforce reports, or Google Sheets. Let LevelEleven recognize your top performers in the moment and reinforce the behaviors that drive sales performance.

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Real-time team performance

Build a culture of accountability and recognition by displaying the team’s performance with Channel11.

Company-wide awareness

Share real-time updates on sales contests, news, social media and more via custom tickers in Channel11.

Employee recognition

Trigger custom screen splashes based on workflow criteria for any activity or accomplishment.

Broadcast messages

Keep your team in tune with any important information, such as upcoming events or product snapshots.

Display different media

Share performance data from Salesforce reports and Google sheets in a digestible way so your team stays informed.

One single & secure link

Place one simple, secure link up on your monitors, and Channel11 will automatically begin its broadcast.

Give visibility into what matters

LevelEleven cuts through the day-to-day noise to give your team visibility into the behaviors that drive revenue. Your reps make up their own mind on where they should spend their time. Now you can improve their decision-making with sales scorecards and real-time KPI tracking.

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Onboard new sales hires faster

LevelEleven’s Performance Scorecards empower new hires to focus on behaviors that drive results. It also promotes peer-to-peer collaboration for best-practice sharing, so your new team members can learn from your top-producers. In short, your new hires will always know where their performance stands and how to improve it.

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Real-time course correction

Keep your team on track to hit its goals every week with the help of our pacing algorithm and color-coded early warning system.

Achieve performance goals

Tweak metric values and conversion rates to build a strategy for achieving big-picture team goals with Conversion Insights.

Motivate with visibility

The LevelEleven Performance Index (LPI) provides reps and managers with a holistic view into a rep’s performance against his or her goals.

Define key behaviors

Identify the behaviors that lead to success with Performance Scorecards and encourage all team members to follow the example of top performers.

Actionable info for managers

LevelEleven empowers sales and customer-facing leaders with real-time KPI tracking and a summary of their team’s performance.

Stay focused on what matters

LevelEleven’s Focus Box tells individuals in real time where they need to focus to sell more, so there’s no need for second guessing.

Make LevelEleven your own

We make it easy to configure the look and feel of Channel11 to fit your team’s brand and culture.

When you buy LevelEleven, you’ll receive one free customized theme including company logos and colors.

Ready to take your team to the next level?