Move beyond ambitions of reaching your goals and achieve actual results. Motivate your team to hit their targets using gamification methods that encourage friendly competition and celebrate success. Transform behaviors into habits with Contests, Leaderboards, and Channel11 broadcasts.



Get your team engaged and focused on the most crucial metrics. Be proactive with your data and perform ’What-if’ analyses to predict how certain activities impact your team’s performance. Scorecards, Conversion Insights, and Badges ensure leaders and sales reps alike are encouraged to focus on the activities that keep them on pace to meet their goals.


Everything you need to coach your team to success, all in one place. Comprehensive Coaching Notes that include features like activity snapshots, action items, and scoring give you the awareness you need to have better coaching discussions. This way, managers and sales reps alike can be confident that no one is falling through the cracks.

Performance Scorecards

Performance Scorecard shows progress towards sales goals at a quick glance, so your sales reps can always keep their activity metrics top-of-mind and in focus…

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Contest Engine

Drive healthy competition between team members and incentivize important behaviors. With Contest Engine, it’s easy to spin up a customized contest within Salesforce…

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Automate custom recognition for employees, display your team’s performance and promote internal contests and other company news in real-time with Channel11…

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Manager Scorecard

Manager Scorecard helps managers overseeing sales reps by giving you an overview of your team’s performance in real-time, while also allowing you to drill down to the individual level…

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Coaching Templates

Customized Coaching Templates help managers guide coaching discussions, ensuring consistency. You can also review the historical progress of those you coach to know if they’re improving…

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Give your team the spotlight they deserve! Badges are emblems that managers and reps can customize and create to send to teammates to celebrate success and hard work…

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Conversion Insights

Conversion Insights works as a dynamic calculator, tweaking values and conversion rates to build a demonstrable strategy for achieving big-picture team goals…

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Advanced Formula Metrics

Boost the power of your Performance Scorecard insight by building Advanced Formula Metrics which allow you to track the most relevant behaviors for your team, such as win rate…

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LevelEleven Performance Index (LPI) Score

The LPI Score is a measurement of a person’s ability to meet goals and consistently stay on track. It also ranks co-workers on a leaderboard that promotes healthy competition…

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Coaching Notes

Coaching Notes can be initiated by either the manager or the sales rep, and serve as a digital notepad that helps you keep track of what was discussed in coaching sessions…

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