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Channel11 is LevelEleven’s TV broadcast service that displays your team’s performance, internal contests, and other company news on the big screen, in real-time, in every office. Use Channel11 to:

Display your team’s real-time sales performance

Build a culture of accountability and recognition by displaying sales team metrics, personalized goal achievement, and sales leaderboards in real-time. The metrics come straight from each individual’s personalized Performance Scorecard, which tracks the 3-4 key performance indicators you want your reps focused on.

Easily broadcast Salesforce reports and Google Sheets in a digestible way, so your organization can stay aligned on all of your operating metrics. Channel11 pulls the data from Salesforce or Google, and sales leaders choose how they’d like it to be displayed.

Automate custom recognition for employees

When something happens that deserves recognition, trigger a screen splash across all TVs in the office (and any other office location) displaying Channel11. Splashes are visual and audio representations of celebrations and can be personalized for each user.

You can automate Splashes based on workflow criteria for any activity or accomplishment you’d like to recognize with the Custom Splash Builder.

Promote contests and company-wide awareness

Channel11 displays contest rankings and leaderboards to encourage collaboration and friendly competition. You can also share real-time updates on contests, news, social media and more by pulling data from RSS feeds and Twitter via Channel11 tickers.

Keep your team in tune with any important information – such as upcoming events, internal changes, product releases, and more. To keep content fresh, programs can be scheduled to start and stop at any date and time.

Channel11 is available in our Motivate and Coach solutions.

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