Facilitate valuable and consistent coaching sessions

Coach your team with consistency

LevelEleven snapshots performance data by rep and metric everyday so that your managers can have better coaching discussions. Managers are empowered with actionable information to coach with consistency, document individual sessions, and assign action items all from within Salesforce.

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Onboard faster with Success Plans

Success Plans empower reps and managers with a centralized repository for onboarding and sales enablement. Accelerate ramp time as new team members know exactly what is expected of them and have Action Items as part of their onboarding process. Build Success Plans for current team members to help them achieve their next career milestone.

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Data-driven sales coaching

Empower sales and customer-facing leaders with a structured approach to coaching that leverages data and metrics right from Salesforce.

Leverage activity snapshots

LevelEleven makes it easy for a manager to look at how a rep is performing against their goals and their peers over different periods.

Customizable templates

Use out of the box templates to get you started, or create your own flexible, custom templates for different types of coaching conversations.

Create Action Items

Create Action Items to reinforce the conversations. LevelEleven makes it easy to create these as tasks in Salesforce and follow up in the future.

Consistent coaching cadence

LevelEleven provides configurable workflows and templates to ensure that coaching is happening on a regular cadence.

Coaching notes in Salesforce

LevelEleven was built from the ground up to live natively within your Salesforce org so your coaching notes will be exactly where you left them.

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