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Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Integration

What Salesforce objects does your platform interact with?

Immediately upon installation, you can build a competition around any of the following objects:

  • Leads
  • Accounts
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Events
  • Opportunities
  • Chatter
  • Cases


Can we access custom fields?

Yes. Upon installation, our app will automatically allow you to access any field – standard or custom. We have an abundance of comparators you can use against those fields to motivate just about any behavior you can imagine.


Can we access custom objects?

Yes. You will need to setup a custom trigger to connect our app to your custom object. We can share the instructions and “cut and paste” code to help you through the process. After you apply the custom Trigger, you can make it available within our builder wizard.


Is there any outside integration that will need to be set up?

No. Our platform was built 100% on and is completely native to Salesforce. Everything was built using Apex code and Visual Force pages. This helps support our easy install process.


Which editions of Salesforce is LevelEleven compatible with?

LevelEleven is compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited and


Does this affect the Object and App limits within our Salesforce org?

No. Salesforce does not count our objects or the use of our app against the limits within your org.


We don’t use Chatter. Can we still use your platform?

Yes. You just won’t benefit from the Chatter features but everything else will work fine. Upon install, our platform will detect if you have Chatter enabled. If it is not, the Chatter options will be greyed out. We highly recommend you start using Chatter – it’s very powerful!


Can I run multiple contests at the same time?

Yes. You can run up to 20 contests at the same time. You need different things out of different people, so this allows you to focus your competitions accordingly.


Do I have to offer a prize?

No! Many clients don’t offer prizes at all. We’ve learned that salespeople are mostly motivated by the competition versus the prize itself. A prize is a nice way to make things interesting for the team though. Our real time leaderboard and automatic contest updates keeps everyone motivated more than anything else.


Do I need a license for all of our Salesforce users, or just people who participate in contests?

You will only need a license for people who will be interacting with our app. The brunt of this will be your sales team. You will also want additional licenses for your Salesforce admin and any managers who will want to build contests or be able to see the contest leaderboards. License pricing is the same for all users.


How easy is it to set up?

To get started, go to our AppExchange listing and click on the Get It Now button. This will walk you through the standard prompts to install an app into your Salesforce org. You must be a Salesforce Administrator in order to install.  About 10-15 minutes after you click the Install button, you will receive an email from Salesforce to let you know that your install was successful, as well as an email from us with instructions on how to get started. Our 5-step install wizard will walk you through the process of identifying the users you want to have access to the app. This most commonly includes Salesforce admins, sales managers who may want to build competitions for their own team, as well as the end salespeople who would participate and be tracked on a leaderboard.

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