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Tap into the competitive nature of sales teams and incentivize important behaviors using Competitions. 

LevelEleven’s Competitions helps you and your team re-focus on metrics that fall behind pace. With Competitions, it’s more intuitive than ever for managers and admins to spin up sales contests inside of Salesforce.  

The Competitions homepage will show all active competitions you are either a participant or observer of. A mini leaderboard is displayed throughout Salesforce so everyone knows where they stand at all times. 

It will show you:

  • How much time is left in the competition
  • The number of participants in the competition
  • The metric name that is being targeted for the competition 

When creating a Competition, you will have the option to assign Awards to the top 3 performers. These will be automatically added to the user’s Trophy Case, where all Awards and Badges can be viewed.  

With the help of LevelEleven’s Competitions, it’s easy to incentivize sales teams and reinforce behaviors with gamification. 

Competitions is available in our Motivate and Coach solutions.

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