Tag: Salesforce Tip of the Week

by Julie Dunn May 24, 2013

Salesforce Tip Video: Easy, Efficient Imports

This guest “Salesforce Tip of the Week” comes from Dimensional Control Systems (DCS), a software development company based in Troy, Michigan. Here’s what the video comes down to: Importing leads into Salesforce can be an easy, efficient process. In fact, it should be nothing less. Watch the video to see DCS’ marketing specialist, Ben Reese, explain the

by Julie Dunn May 17, 2013

Salesforce Tip Video: Save the Hassle…

Our latest “Salesforce Tip of the Week” is dedicated toward anyone who lives on the technical side of Salesforce. Chris Bland, LevelEleven’s Director of Engineering, has just the wisdom to keep your days happy: Use custom settings to disable triggers. Watch this quick video for details… Or, check out the transcript: Save the Hassle: Disable Triggers

by Julie Dunn May 10, 2013

Salesforce Tip Video: Keep Yourself Accountable & Your Data Clean

Do your hold yourself accountable for sales activities? Is the data that you log in Salesforce around those activities clean? If you leverage custom reports, we’ll answer these questions for you: Yes. Check out this quick video to see LevelEleven Account Executive Rich Starkey share the details… Or, check out the transcript: Keep Yourself Accountable &

by Julie Dunn May 3, 2013

Salesforce Tip Video: Make Goal Tracking a Visual Thing

We all go into work each morning with goals. But when 5 o’clock rolls around, do you know exactly how far you stand from crossing those goals off of your list? Check out this quick video to see how LevelEleven’s Customer Success Manager, Chris Beer, uses Salesforce to ensure that he does. Or, check out

by Julie Dunn April 23, 2013

Salesforce Tip Video: “Remember These Words: Technical Debt”

There is such a thing as technical debt. Are you watching yours? Watch our latest “Salesforce Tip of the Week” to see Kevin O’Hara, LevelEleven CTO and Force.com MVP, explain why you should. Or, check out the transcript: Remember These Words: Technical Debt Hi, my name’s Kevin O’Hara. I’m the CTO of LevelEleven.  I use Salesforce to manager

by Julie Dunn April 15, 2013

Video: “10 x 10” for Data Quality in Salesforce

When LevelEleven Account Executive Brendan Hartt asks clients what they want to motivate within Salesforce, he most often hears these two words: data quality. Check out this quick video to see one best practice he suggests in response, based on how he promotes data quality in Salesforce at LevelEleven… Or, check out the transcript: “10