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TechTarget May 12, 2017

Salesforce AppExchange releases vendor-facing upgrades

The growth of the Salesforce AppExchange from a couple hundred applications to several thousand in a couple of years was proof of concept that the company could attract third-party developers to create applications to improve its CRM platform. Last week, Salesforce took steps to foster further overall growth and further nurture app developers.

Salesforce Blog May 9, 2017

3 Sales Coaching Sessions Every Salesperson Needs

Why is the average sales manager spending so little time on this critical activity that will help them succeed and progress their own career? A common explanation from the manager is that they talk with reps all day every day about deals and meetings, so they’re coaching all the time. But that's not enough.

Salesmate Blog April 27, 2017

Sales Activity Management: Secret Sauce of Driving Revenue

As per a recent survey by Vantage Point Performance and The Sales Education Foundation, global sales leaders consider over 300 metric keys that aid them in effective sales activity management. The strange fact is that about 83% of these metrics are unmanageable.

Sales For Life Blog April 19, 2017

Why Coaching Top Reps Is Silently Killing Your Sales Force

As a sales leader, you don’t need me to tell you that the pressure of hitting your number leaves you awake in the middle of the night. Not only does your job rely on it, but your company’s livelihood depends on the revenue that comes in from your team. That pressure often means you spend most of your coaching time with top performers.

Salesforce Blog April 11, 2017

21 Highly-Rated Sales Apps Reviewed by Salesforce Customers

Combine over 3,000
 apps in the AppExchange inventory, with seven frequently sales challenges, and you’ve got a math equation that only some of the most app-savvy Salesforce customers can solve. The good news is you don’t need to be a mathematical genius to whiteboard this answer, because we’ve got the results right here.

CreditDonkey April 5, 2017

Best Sales Blogs of 2017: Top Business Influencers

Winners of the CreditDonkey Best Sales Blog have been announced. Take the advice of these best-of-the-best blogs, and you could see a noticeable rise in next quarter's sales figures.