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Data2CRM January 31, 2017

Business Apps Discovery: 5 Sales Enablement Tools

Business opportunities are fast-forwarded to the present, and strategies keep getting more exciting. In the search for bridging the marketing and sales gap, a whole suite of online solutions and tactics appear. Having identified and understood the human and technological realities of a problem, many organizations apply the sales enablement software into the workflows. These services provide benefits to everyone involved, especially, the sales reps who face customers directly.

LinkedIn Blog January 18, 2017

Utilizing Sports Tickets – Employee Rewards

As a salesperson, I’m always interacting with my current clients to ensure they are properly utilizing their tickets or suites properly along with sharing with them ideas other clients are using to have these properties benefit their business. Recently, I became one of these examples as I ran a sales contest for my team that rewarded the sales leader with a night in one of our brand new Molson Canadian Fan Deck Loges. We supported this sales contest with LevelEleven technology in Salesforce and the team quickly became engaged, keeping an eye on the other reps’ sales and their own standing.

HubSpot Blog January 6, 2017

15 Inexpensive but Effective Ways to Motivate Salespeople

From SPIFFs and President’s Club to new tech gear and all-expenses-paid vacations, sales leaders have many options for motivating their teams. But most of these options are fairly pricey. Individual reps are also often motivated by different things -- maybe half your sales team would be excited to win a new tablet, while the other half would rather score a coveted parking spot near your office’s entrance. The answer: Introduce some creative, low-cost rewards into your incentive strategy. Check out this infographic from LevelEleven.

Openview Blog January 5, 2017

Why Modern Sales Leaders Manage Activities (Not Results)

Can you imagine an Olympic track coach telling a sprinter that to win the race, he simply needs to run faster? Of course not. But that’s exactly what sales leaders do when they tell reps to “just close more deals.” The coach trains an athlete on the activities that will help them run better. And so it must be with the modern sales leader. It’s imperative that we manage and motivate our sales reps around the activities that lead to closing more business. Let me explain why.

SalesforLife Blog December 27, 2016

15 Easy Ways to Incentivize Your Sales Team [Infographic]

With the holidays just around the corner, your sales teams' productivity might be at an all-time low. How can you keep your team pumped in the days before the holidays so you can finish the year off strong? If you don't want to break the bank on the latest tech gear, there are options. What about fresh breakfast waiting at the top performers desk the morning they come in? Or switching desks with anyone in the office for a day? Check out this infographic from LevelEleven for some unusual, creative and inexpensive sales incentive ideas to keep your team selling well into the new year.

Salesforce Blog December 23, 2016

How to Update Your Inside Sales Coaching Strategy

Do you ever wonder what makes your top performers so successful? I can tell you from experience: It’s not some magic closing technique, or even special relationships. Top-performing reps close more business because they have the discipline to do the right activities day in and day out that result in closing more deals.