Category: Advice for Sales Managers

by Cassie Dodd June 2, 2020

Spark Momentum – Motivate with Contests

Gamification is the application of point-scoring, contests, and competition for activities that are logged in a CRM such as Salesforce. These activities can include actions such as dials, live-connects, or in-person meetings. The point of gamification is to motivate your team and put emphasis on the most important sales behaviors that will drive deals through the pipeline and increase team performance. It can make monotonous work more fun and helps lead teams to success.

by Megan Seamans April 28, 2020

Tips to Clean Your CRM Database
(and keep it that way)

You know how powerful a CRM like Salesforce can be for your team, but you can’t leverage its full power if your data is inaccurate. Don’t get down on yourself or your sales reps, though; poor data quality happens all the time and for a number of reasons. Whatever the reason for your team, we’re here to help you get a fresh start (without rolling out CRM for a second time). Below find five tips to help you do some spring cleaning in your CRM database and keep it that way.

by Megan Seamans April 7, 2020

Tips to Effectively Coach Your Remote Team

Remote work requires your management style to adjust to the new situation just as your reps will have to adjust their selling behaviors and methods. Use these six tips to effectively coach your remote team to hit your quarterly goals no matter where your team is working from.

by Megan Seamans March 23, 2020

Using LevelEleven to Boost Activity Without Increasing Headcount

You may think you’ll have to increase the size of your team to have any chance of reaching the level of productivity you’re looking for. Instead, try boosting the productivity of your current team. If you have a team of ten, boosting activity by only 10% would result in the addition of a full person’s work operating at 100%. Use the methods below to boost your team’s productivity without increasing headcount.

by Megan Seamans February 13, 2020

4 Common Problems for Executives Solved With Executive Scorecard

Time is the scarcest resource for executives. With an average workweek of 62.5 hours, there still isn’t enough time in the day. LevelEleven developed Executive Scorecard to solve this exact problem; too much data and not enough time.

by Megan Seamans January 2, 2020

5 Reasons You Need Sales Contests in the New Year

Looking to kick off sales contests in the new year? Here are 5 benefits you can expect to see as a result of a little friendly competition.