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by Megan Seamans June 11, 2018

TZA Leverages Sales Coaching & Gamification to Achieve Success

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Tom Parbes, Inside Sales Manager at TZA, to talk with him about the success his sales team experienced after implementing LevelEleven. TZA, a leader in Supply Chain Management Systems, relies on LevelEleven’s Coach and Motivate solutions to guide their Sales Team to success with onboarding, coaching, and defined career paths. During our time together, Tom shared how LevelEleven helps improve team performance and supports the organization’s overall success.

by James Gardikas April 19, 2018

Customer Success by the Numbers (Infographic)

Key Performance Indicators From LevelEleven Customers LevelEleven helps companies of all sizes across all industries focus on the behaviors that lead to results. To illustrate how LevelEleven delivers a measurable impact, we’ve compiled this infographic with a few winning results from LevelEleven customers. Want to learn more about LevelEleven? Click the button below to take a

by Julie Dunn October 26, 2017

Revel Systems Uses Sales Coaching to Achieve Success

LevelEleven’s power users continue to find new ways to manage their teams more effectively. Revel Systems, a leader in Point of Sale (POS) technology, is one of our power customers. Day in and day out, they manage their salespeople’s behaviors to drive revenue. The newest tool they have added to their stack includes SalesCoach from

by Julie Dunn October 13, 2017

How Applied Systems Uses Scorecard to Manage their Sales Metrics

As a Customer Success Manager at LevelEleven, I have the privilege of working with sales leaders from high-performing sales teams across the country. As the VP of Inside Sales and Sales Administration at Applied Systems, Jim Pattermann is one of these sales leaders. Recently, Jim was kind enough to share how Applied Systems uses Scorecard

by Brendan Hartt June 28, 2017

How Everbridge increased conversations 33% with sales coaching

We recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Mike Sadler, VP of Corporate Sales, at Everbridge. We discussed a variety of topics from general sales management to sales coaching, but we found his comments on coaching to be particularly relevant given that sales leaders often struggle to maintain a consistent 1-on-1 coaching cadence that

by Julie Dunn October 23, 2015

How to Conquer Metrics-Driven Sales Coaching Like Hubspot

Today we face incomprehensible amounts of sales data and just as many methods for managing around it. This makes metrics-driven sales coaching an especially fun feat. (Well, depending on who you ask.) The good news? By now, some serious success stories exist to learn from – like HubSpot‘s. The software company launched as a grad school project in 2006 and