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by Julie Dunn October 23, 2015

How to Conquer Metrics-Driven Sales Coaching Like Hubspot

Today we face incomprehensible amounts of sales data and just as many methods for managing around it. This makes metrics-driven sales coaching an especially fun feat. (Well, depending on who you ask.) The good news? By now, some serious success stories exist to learn from – like HubSpot‘s. The software company launched as a grad school project in 2006 and

by Julie Dunn February 9, 2015

How Interactive Intelligence Packed the House at their Annual Conference [Video]

When you’re counting on making big gains at your annual conference, the first thing you have to do is bring the crowd. For call center and software solutions provider Interactive Intelligence, their annual conference is where customers, partners, resellers and consultants all come together to strengthen relationships and learn what’s new with the business. But after realizing they were falling

by Julie Dunn September 22, 2014

Launching a New Product? Lessons Learned from HelloWorld

[Get the incredible HelloWorld new product launch case study by clicking here] Conceiving and developing a new product is a huge challenge for companies, but even if you hit it out of the park and develop something great, sometimes the challenge is just beginning. Ensuring that a new product becomes the bonafide revenue driving machine it

by Julie Dunn July 17, 2014

Build Sales Contests to Win (Don’t Motivate to Lose) [VIDEO]

Since Dreamforce ’14 continues to dominate our thoughts, here’s another video from last year’s speaking sessions featuring Dave McDermott, Director of Sales Enablement at workforce staffing solutions leader Kelly Services. Dave leads a great presentation on how sales contests and motivation contribute to Kelly’s sales activities, as well as providing insight into how Dave and the team analyze the

by Julie Dunn January 22, 2014

A Story of Sales Gamification, by Morningstar [Video]

Maybe you’re sick of hearing the “whys“  behind, and best practices around, sales gamification. Maybe you just want to hear a real company share a real story about a real gamification experience. If that’s the case, maybe today’s your day. Morningstar‘s sales leadership used gamification to increase demos, sales and Salesforce adoption. And they let us

by Julie Dunn November 8, 2013

“Making It Rain” with Sales Gamification

If you’re a sales leader, you don’t just want to hit your goals; you want to “make it rain.” Unfortunately, more often than not, reality actually looks like this: We started the “Making It Rain” eBook series to share the experiences of sales leaders using sales gamification to actually make those shots — and to