“Making It Rain” with Sales Gamification

If you’re a sales leader, you don’t just want to hit your goals; you want to “make it rain.” Unfortunately, more often than not, reality actually looks like this:

We started the “Making It Rain” eBook series to share the experiences of sales leaders using sales gamification to actually make those shots — and to dramatically improve their numbers as a result.

The stories all start the same: A leader wants things to happen to win more business, but cannot exactly define those “things.” More qualified opportunities? Bigger deals? Shorter sales cycles? All sorts of activities can impact business, but which will yield the highest return?

In the end of each eBook, the sales leaders find out. Then they layer on sales gamification to motivate that activity, or “magic metric” as we like to call it, and contrary to Philip Seymour Hoffman, they seriously make it rain. 

The first quick read in the series, Kelly Services: The Impact of Face-to-Face Meetings, focuses on what happened when Michigan-based Kelly Services discovered their magic metric and what you can learn from them.Following is an excerpt from the eBook’s introduction:

Here’s what this eBook is not: Another piece of content that only lists the traditional benefits of face-to-face meetings. Common sense tells us you can pick up on non-verbal cues and establish connections easier when in front of someone. We won’t waste your time.

Instead, we’re going to share the results they can drive – we’ll tell you three ways that more face-to-face meetings can positively impact your sales numbers. These “ways” are based on the results that LevelEleven client Kelly Services saw after they used competition to boost face-to-face meetings by an average of 50% over the course of a year.

It’s worth noting that Kelly Services tried other avenues of using contests and competition before focusing on meetings, such as driving motivation around late-stage opportunities, implementing referral programs and offering spot bonuses for quick wins. So they were able to clearly distinguish the benefits of face time.

Oh yeah, and we should probably mention that they credit $5.8 million in additional revenue to those extra face-to-face meetings.


Read the rest of the free eBook here.

Then get ready to make it rain.

“Making It Rain” with Sales Gamification
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“Making It Rain” with Sales Gamification
Don't look like Philip Seymour Hoffman in this video when you're trying to "make it rain" as a sales leader. Learn from our eBooks on sales gamification.
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