Category: Advice on Service Teams

by James Gardikas April 5, 2018

How to Use LevelEleven for Customer Success & Support Teams

LevelEleven Director of Customer Success, Ashley Ball, has been in customer service for twelve years, four of which have been with LevelEleven. One of her main priorities since joining the team has been to configure LevelEleven to help meet the daily demands of customer service professionals and drive bottom-line results, the same way it does for so many sales teams.

by Julie Dunn January 6, 2017

4 insights for sales management on customer service [Research]

Should sales management care what happens in their customer service teams? Absolutely. Research shows that high-performing sales and service teams are more integrated than ever. Earlier this week, Salesforce released new data on modern customer service. The second annual State of Service report surveyed more than 2,600 customer service professionals and contains valuable insights for

by Julie Dunn January 28, 2016

20 Sales Coaching Lessons from the Experts

We all want to increase sales performance. And 16 experts have identified one of the keys for getting there: sales coaching. But what does effective sales coaching really entail? We know that sales leaders need to have regular one-on-one sessions with their reps and that coaching should be metrics-driven. To take it a step further,

by Julie Dunn November 7, 2015

Sales KPIs Create Real-Time Management

It used to be that the only metric salespeople were managed around was how much business was closed, and the data was pulled at the end of the month to know how a salesperson was performing. And while closed business will remain the most important end result for all salespeople, more and more companies are

by Julie Dunn December 3, 2014

8 Fun Holiday Gift Ideas for Customers

The holiday season is upon us yet again, which means it’s time to figure out this year’s customer appreciation gifts. It’s so easy to stick with the same old ideas, but why not stand out and try something different? Break the cliché this year and think outside the fruitcake with these fun and unique holiday

by Julie Dunn November 14, 2014

Motivate Customer Service Teams with This Common Sales Tool

It’s no secret that companies running competitions to boost sales performance are seeing increased revenue. When it’s done right, tapping into salespeople’s natural competitive nature and desire for recognition is just known to work. Plain and simple. So if this motivation strategy is proving beneficial, why stop at sales? Strong Customer Service Isn’t an Option Top-notch