Category: Advice on Service Teams

by Julie Dunn May 16, 2014

Log Cabins & Salesforce1 Apps

Michigan’s “Up North” – home to vacationers, hunters, fudge shops, trails and, as of this week, a bunch of developers building a Salesforce1 app. In fact, as I write this, the five engineers that make up LevelEleven’s development team, who usually sit behind computers in Detroit’s M@dison building, sit in a cabin in East Tawas,

by Julie Dunn February 14, 2014

What’s the ROI on Sales Gamification?

I recently spoke at the New York User Group around the topic of sales gamification. Folks in sales seem to like this concept in general, but often hesitate a bit because they’re not quite sure what it means. Plus, many have heard about the Gartner study that 80% of gamification initiatives will fail. I’ve

by Mike Vespa January 16, 2014

Drive CRM Adoption through Gamification

One of the biggest challenges companies face when introducing a customer relationship management (CRM) software like is getting their teams to actually use it. End users often view the new system as another thing to do. As a result of their lack of adoption, quantifying the technology’s ROI can be challenging for leadership. What if companies

by Julie Dunn January 10, 2014

Start Chatter Adoption Here

What was it like when you first started using Twitter? Chances are you didn’t know whether to post like you do on LinkedIn, Facebook or a combination of both. You weren’t exactly sure what a hashtag was or how it worked. You had no idea how you could follow so many people (suggested to you, of course) and

by Julie Dunn January 9, 2014

Contest Idea for Service Teams (Why Should Sales Have all the Fun?)

I need to get something off my chest: Doesn’t it seem like the sales men and women get to have all the fun? I mean, they are constantly involved in sales contests, winning prizes and being recognized. I’m tired of hearing a bell or a gong go off every time something happens in sales. Okay,