Contest Idea for Service Teams (Why Should Sales Have all the Fun?)

I need to get something off my chest: Doesn’t it seem like the sales men and women get to have all the fun?

I mean, they are constantly involved in sales contests, winning prizes and being recognized. I’m tired of hearing a bell or a gong go off every time something happens in sales. Okay, I’m not really tired of it. Sales is huge for the business, and I love the sales team. But you know what I mean…why can’t the service team experience all of this, too?

Well, they can. And should. It’s just as important to keep a customer as it is to get a customer. Just watch this to see what I mean:

All of that being said, my latest Sales Game blog suggestion is a contest idea for services teams. Inject some competition and fun into your service environment this month by having a contest around cases. Assign points according to the priority of the issues:

  • 5 points for closing low priority issues
  • 10 points for closing medium priority issues
  • 15 points for closing high priority issues
  • 25 points for closing critical priority issues

Note: If you have any more priority categories than these four, just pick the three or four main levels and go with those. Motivating too many behaviors could complicate the contest and decrease participant engagement as a result.

If your budget has room for incentives, offer a nice dinner out to the winner of the contest. Also, make sure to give recognition as participants make big moves in the competition throughout the month.

Have fun finding out what your service team can really do.

If you use Compete, don’t stop reading quite yet. Check out how you can build this one out:

1) Competition Type

  • Competition Type – Case Contest

Competition Type

2) General Information

  • Contest Name – Customer Help
  • Choose Winners by – Points
  • Start/End date – 1 Month

General Information
3) Behaviors to Motivate

a) Case Modified

  • Behavior name – Low Priority Issue
  • Status – Closed, Priority – Low, Points – 5
  • Add motivated behavior

Case Modified


b) Case Modified

  • Behavior name – Medium Priority Issue
  • Status – Closed, Priority – Medium, Points – 10
  • Add motivated behavior

Case Modified


c) Case Modified

  • Behavior name – High Priority Issue
  • Status – Closed, Priority – High, Points – 15
  • Add motivated behavior

Case Modified


d) Case Modified

  • Behavior name – Critical Priority Issue
  • Status – Closed, Priority – Critical, Points – 25, Turn on Leader TV Splash
  • Add motivated behavior


Case Modified

4) Prizes

  • 1st Prize – Dinner
  • Tie Breaker – First to score


5) Participants/Observers

  •   Populate participants and observers.



6) Contest Notification Options

  • Point of Contact – The person who created the contest
  • Contest Launch Notification – Chatter Notifications
  • Ongoing Leaderboard Updates – Weekly Chatter Notifications
  • Earning Entries – Popup Notifications

Contest Notification
7) Save Contest


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