TZA Leverages Sales Coaching & Gamification to Achieve Success

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We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Tom Parbs, Inside Sales Manager at TZA, to talk with him about the success his sales team experienced after implementing LevelEleven. TZA, a leader in Supply Chain Management Systems, relies on LevelEleven’s Coach and Motivate solutions to guide their Sales Team to success with onboarding, coaching, and defined career paths. During our time together, Tom shared how LevelEleven helps improve team performance and supports the organization’s overall success.

Accelerating the Onboarding Process

business watchWhen Tom joined TZA, the implementation of LevelEleven was in its final stages. Tom quickly recognized the value of LevelEleven as he began building out his team of Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and began using the onboarding feature to grow his team to 7 SDRs. Tom largely credits his onboarding success to LevelEleven’s platform, “Not only does it help set expectations, it also lets us know if someone is not ramping fast enough. We are then able to create an action plan to get them where they need to be.” He mentioned the effectiveness of getting new employees into the system on their first day which allows him to set their onboarding expectations week by week. Parbs commented, “I have been able to onboard, train, and ramp up new hires to be fully capable and producing within 1.5-2 months versus the 4-6 months, or longer, that it used to take.” Setting weekly goals from the very beginning of the onboarding process allows Tom to decide if their skill level coming in is above or below the curve and make suggestions and adjustments accordingly.

Establishing Metrics to Measure Success

Tom uses three primary metrics to monitor the success of his SDRs. The number of dials, the number of booked meetings, and the number of completed meetings – referred to as “sits”. These metrics are measured on a weekly and monthly basis. According to Tom, their sits increased 186% in the 10 months after implementing LevelEleven from the previous 18 months combined. In the same time period, This has also helped TZA increase their sales revenue by over 150%! TZA also uses their primary metrics as benchmarks for their career path program. For example, when 40 of an SDR’s sits have occured with potential clients, they’ve completed one of the requirements to advance along their career path.  According to Tom, using achievement of TZA’s primary metrics as a way for his SDRs to advance their careers is a great motivator for his employees. “We use metrics in this way to give employees the ability to take their destiny into their own hands and accelerate it as much as they want, it empowers them,” added Tom.

Using Gamification to Encourage Results

TZA’s Sales Development Team leverages LevelEleven’s Motivate solution in a variety of ways including, real-time leaderboards, live TV broadcasts, achievement alerts, and sales contests to help boost productivity, track results and provide recognition. Tom put together a few creative contests to encourage his team to achieve their goals and create a healthy environment of competition and success. Tom tries to run a contest once a month to help his team stay productive, and most importantly have fun. “Using LevelEleven to display real-time contest alerts and updates on TV screens in the office keeps the team engaged and excited,” said Tom. He talked to us about some of his most successful contests and how they motivate his sales team.

[su_heading size=”18″ align=”left”]Creative Contests[/su_heading]

TZA Poker Showdownpoker hand

The SDRs were given a playing card for each qualified demo they booked, and each sit that was completed from the demo they scheduled. Employees needed 5 cards to be able to play, and whoever had the best hand at the end of the month won. Not only was this creative, it included a $200 prize which further boosted the competitive nature of his sales team.

man with balloonMario Kart Reimagined

In this contest, every employee starts with three balloons tied to their desk. When SDRs booked a qualified demo, they could choose to either steal a balloon from a co-worker or pop a coworker’s balloon. Each balloon contained a piece of paper with a dollar amount. If they chose to pop a coworker’s balloon, they got that dollar amount. If an SDR lost all of their balloons, they were out and could not re-enter the contest. At the end of the month, the last SDR remaining won the remaining cash prizes.

The Bottom Line

When asked if he would recommend LevelEleven, Tom said that he really can’t imagine doing his job without it. He claims that “To be an effective leader, I need to be able to manage my time effectively. Not only does LevelEleven make tracking my team’s goals easier, it helps with onboarding and keeping the sales team motivated.” Being a sales leader is not easy, but leveraging LevelEleven’s sales management system is helping sales teams focus on the right behaviors that lead to more sales, ultimately driving the company’s success.

Tom Parbs
Inside Sales Manager at TZA


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