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Turn a metrics-driven sales approach into maximum revenue potential

Your Modern Sales Management System

Motivate the behaviors that lead to sales, right inside of Salesforce

Manage day-to-day sales activity

Team Performance Scorecard

Central Hub for Coaching

Personalized Performance Scorecard

Early Warning System

Coach your sales team with consistency

One-on-one Management

Activity Snapshots

Custom Coaching Workflows

Configurable Coaching Schedules

Spike key behaviors on demand

Sales Contest Automation

Instant Salesforce Notifications

Automated Email Notifications

Real-time Leaderboards

Broadcast performance in real-time

Peer and Team Rankings

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Salesforce Report Broadcast

Google Sheets Broadcast

Get your team focused on the activities that drive revenue, and find out immediately when they fall off pace. Then you can course-correct early enough to get right back on track and hit your sales goals.

Give your sales team visibility into what matters

Scorecard cuts through the day-to-day noise, giving your sales team visibility into the sales metrics that drive revenue. Your salespeople make up their own mind on which activities deserve their focus. Now you can improve that decision-making for more wins.

Onboard new sales hires faster

Scorecard enables new hires to focus on the behaviors that will lead to results. It also promotes peer-to-peer collaboration for best-practice sharing, so your new team members can learn from your vets. In short, your new hires will always know where their performance stands and how to improve it.

Stay on pace to hit sales goals

Stop looking at sales reports and CRM dashboards that tell you what happened in the past, and start monitoring performance in real-time. We’ll tell you when and how to course-correct your sales team’s behaviors, so you always know what actions to take to improve sales results. Line up performance today to hit your sales goals tomorrow.

Coach your sales team with consistency

Scorecard snapshots and stores the baseline activity data for objective coaching sessions. The new LevelEleven Coaching add-on allows sales managers to coach with consistency, record individual sessions and assign action items all within Scorecard.

Define key sales activities

Identify the activities that lead to sales for your team, and then highlight the top four as your Scorecard metrics.

Keep salespeople focused on what matters

Even the best salespeople guess on where they should spend their time; LevelEleven’s Focus Box tells individuals in real time where they need to focus to sell more.

Be a better sales coach

Make sure coaching is done consistently and the right topics are being discussed so that your sales managers make a real impact with the LevelEleven Coaching add-on.

Enable real-time course correction

Consistently keep your team on track to hit sales goals with the help of our Pacing Algorithm & Early Warning System.

Motivate with visibility

Empower your team with sales performance knowledge; the LevelEleven Performance Index provides scores for a salesperson’s holistic performance against his or her goals.

Make it accessible

Your team can access LevelEleven on Salesforce, via desktop and mobile. LevelEleven is also compatible with Salesforce Lightning.

There will be times when your team falls off pace to their activity goals. The moment Scorecard warns you of this, turn to ContestEngine to get your team back on track.

Create sales contests in minutes.

Spin up an automated sales contest in only six steps, around any sales behavior tracked in Salesforce. ContestEngine was built by sales managers, for sales managers, meaning you won’t need help from IT. So you can spike productivity on demand.

Surround your team with motivation

ContestEngine automatically releases productivity triggers through Salesforce’s CRM, Salesforce Chatter, email and sales leaderboards.

See real-time standings

Rely on automated, real-time standings to motivate your team and keep every rep informed on where they stand.

Customize to fit your team

Build contests that fit your team - whether that means rewarding on percent-to-goal, with different points for different behaviors, via individual or team-based spiffs or on custom behaviors.

Rely on ease-of-use

Keep motivation simple with ContestEngine’s intuitive design. We’ve even got templates and cloning capabilities ready, to keep your contests easy to build.

Motivate with healthy competition

Employ healthy competition to boost sales productivity. ContestEngine features promote recognition, collaboration & peer-to-peer mentorship as byproducts of each competition.

Increase Salesforce adoption

Improve your team’s CRM adoption with every campaign. Since it all lives within Salesforce, your reps will never have to leave the CRM - or take any steps other than correctly entering data to be rewarded.

Transparency motivates. Broadcast your team’s performance on the big screen, in real-time, in every office.

Build a Culture of Performance

The top two sales motivators beyond compensation are competition and recognition. Channel11 promotes both. Broadcast results from Scorecard, ContestEngine, Salesforce reports or Google Sheets in real-time, and let Channel11 recognize top performers.

Display real-time sales performance

Build a culture of accountability and recognition by displaying Scorecard metrics, personalized goal achievement and sales leaderboards in real time.

Promote company-wide awareness

Share real-time updates on contests, news, social media and more by pulling data from ContestEngine, RSS feeds and Twitter via Channel11 Tickers.

Automate custom recognition

Trigger custom screen splashes based on workflow criteria for any activity or accomplishment you’d like to recognize with the Custom Splash Builder add-on.

Show Salesforce reports and Google Sheets

Easily broadcast Salesforce reports and Google Sheets in a digestible way, so your organization can stay aligned on all of your operating metrics.

Broadcast announcements

Keep your team in tune with any important information - such as upcoming events or product snapshots - by creating separate channels for separate announcements.

Rely on one link for multiple channels

Place one simple, secure link up on your monitors, and Channel11 will automatically rotate through every channel you need to broadcast.

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