February 2013
At LevelEleven, “Power Hour” is a grueling, 60-minute sprint for our sales team where calls are king and breaks are for the weak. We usually fire up a quick competition in Compete, launch LeaderTV, and let the battle begin. It’s a great way to start the day! I thought I would have a little fun with it...
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So many organizations categorize social media as a responsibility that only belongs to marketing. But here’s what it comes down to: According to the Pew Internet Project’s research, 67 percent of online adults use social networking sites. Shouldn’t your sales team be connecting with them, too? We say yes. And that’s why we’re launching a...
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Your organization’s not the only thing with a brand; your salespeople have one, too. Countless published content discusses salespeople as if they’re one breed – the thick-skinned, competitive, aggressive type. Sure, your team may share some of these qualities, but its “brand” can be misleading, because salespeople aren’t all the same. And that’s exactly the...
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