February 2013
We’ve already written about the keys to building a winning sales organization, but in order to do that you need the right people on the team. In that post, I pointed out the importance of the “always be recruiting” mentality because you never know when you might need a new salesperson. And when the time...
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Gamification seems to be everywhere these days. Organizations gamify to increase brand awareness, consumer satisfaction and employee engagement. Managers gamify as part of their marketing or customer service or sales departments. College students can take courses on the topic. There’s even a whole industry built around gamification, with its conferences and publications and competing organizations....
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A colleague of mine went to the movies last weekend and saw not one, but several advertisements disguised as PSAs from different smartphone providers. The advertisements incorporated a variety of techniques designed to encourage viewers to turn off their cellphones during the film. Some were tried and, frankly, untrue(“We’ll kick you out if you don’t...
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