8 Fun Holiday Gift Ideas for Customers

Holiday Gift IdeasThe holiday season is upon us yet again, which means it’s time to figure out this year’s customer appreciation gifts. It’s so easy to stick with the same old ideas, but why not stand out and try something different?

Break the cliché this year and think outside the fruitcake with these fun and unique holiday gift ideas for customers:

1. City-themed Items

Every city offers specific items that set it apart. Whether it’s Sanders Chocolate and Better Made from Michigan or Mano Artisan Chocolate and Miller’s Honey from Utah, combine your city classics together to make one impactful gift basket.

2. Relevant Experiences

With various concerts, plays, sporting events, and benefits all around, tickets to a local event are always a reliable option (no matter the season). Also consider tickets to a hot conference in a customer’s industry for next year.

3. Craft Cocktail

Make customers’ holidays bright by providing them with a specialty drink. If you’re located in California you might want to consider gifting a Napa or Sonoma County wine. Located in Michigan? Northern Michigan wines, Valentine Vodka or craft beers such as: Bell’s, Atwater and Shorts would be the way to go. Reside in Chicago? Goose Island, Lagunitas or CH Vodka would be some great options. Include some holiday recipes that customers can serve up with this gift to step it up.

4. Specialty Gift Card

We all know gift cards can be boring and impersonal, but they don’t have to be! Choose one that ties into your company and will spark a conversation. For example, does your company relate to performance optimization? Then give a Nike gift card for your customers to be able to design a shoe that’ll optimize their own performance!

5. Donation

In either a customer’s name or their company’s name, make a donation. If you know a charity that they support, great! If not, the gesture of handwriting them a letter offering to send a donation to any charity of their choice will go a long way. And don’t forget to send them the documented donation after you’ve made it for them!

6. Branded Game

Everyone needs a break sometimes. Why not provide your customers with something their entire team can have a little fun with while taking breaks? A branded ping-pong or air hockey table is a fun way to release stress in short bursts of time. Not only will this help boost their team’s morale, but it’s providing an efficient way for them take a break without having to waste more time actually leaving their work area, too. Plus, when they play they’ll be thinking of you and your awesome gift!

7. Fitbit or Jawbone

We all know what’s going to be popular in terms of 2015’s resolutions: Losing weight and other goals related to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Support your customers’ goals with fun fitness devices to keep them on track.

8. Personalized Coffee Table Books

Read anything interesting lately? Good books, especially coffee table books, are a great way to not only please customers, but impress them as well! Just make it personal. The book could be anything from history on the city your customer is located in, to best practices that fit their industry.

Be a little bold this year, and give your customers a gift they won’t want to stop talking about!

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