Revel Systems Uses Sales Coaching to Achieve Success

Dan Dermody
Dan Dermody, Revel Systems

LevelEleven’s power users continue to find new ways to manage their teams more effectively. Revel Systems, a leader in Point of Sale (POS) technology, is one of our power customers. Day in and day out, they manage their salespeople’s behaviors to drive revenue. The newest tool they have added to their stack includes SalesCoach from LevelEleven. Revel Systems Sales Manager Dan Dermody shares how implementing SalesCoach has helped his team find success.

Reassess & Improve

“Before Revel used LevelEleven, we would track our one-on-ones with a spreadsheet. The challenge this created was yet another spreadsheet to manage. Our philosophy as a company has always been constant and never-ending improvement. We always ask two questions:

  1. What are we doing right?
  2. How can we improve?

With our old one-on-one process we were adding some value but we wanted to find a way to take them to the next logical level and add massive value for our sales reps.”

Leverage One-On-Ones

“When you lead a team, one of the most powerful tools you have is an effective one-on-one meeting. The reason I say this is because, when a one-on-one is conducted properly it’s a leverage point that drives more results, opens up sales coaching opportunities, and strengthens the relationship you have with your team. The goal of the one-on-one should be to add massive value to your team’s day, giving them insight, a realistic snapshot of how they are performing, and a motivation boost to kick their performance into the stratosphere.”

“Without a structure or a process for a one-on-one it’s easy to get off track. And without having an effective plan for your one-on-one you risk squandering the time instead of leveraging it. After all, time is the most valuable resource that there is. You can always get more money but you can never get more than 24 hours in the day.”

Implement Sales Coaching Solution

“With LevelEleven I’ve been able to input the specific questions that keep the conversation focused and effective. It also allows you to address metrics and setup goals between now and the next one-on-one. And the great thing about it is that it’s all within Salesforce. There is no separate process to manage.

Again, the goal of the one-on-one should be to add massive value to your sales rep’s day and LevelEleven’s sales coaching feature helps us achieve the goal of the one-on-one.”

To learn more about SalesCoach and our other products, visit our Product Tour Page. For more from Dan, check out Unlimited Sales Now.

LevelEleven SalesCoach

“If you truly want to leverage time and have a consistent game plan going into your one-on-ones, I’d recommend using LevelEleven’s sales coaching feature.”

-Dan Dermody, Sales Manager Revel Systems

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