Salesforce Tip of the Week
Because LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh manages his sales team through salesforce.com, he’s always learning, and sharing, new tips to help managers get more out of their use of Salesforce CRM. This one tip receives the most positive feedback by far: Create a very simple report of yesterday’s client meetings that gets emailed each morning. Take 2 minutes to check...
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A lot of clients ask LevelEleven Account Executive Felipe Gonzales-Paul what they should be doing with Salesforce Chatter. Play the video below to find out what he tells them, based on how he uses the platform daily… Or, check out the transcript: Putting Chatter to Work My name is Felipe Gonzales-Paul. I’m an account executive...
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Are you using Salesforce “Tasks” to effectively manage your sales leads? Maybe you should be. Click play to see what Karley Hall, LevelEleven’s business development manager, has to say about that… Or, check out the transcript: Using Salesforce “Tasks” to Manage Leads Hi, my name’s Karley Hall, and I’m the business development manager over at LevelEleven....
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