Coffee, Paper, Salesforce Event Report [Video]

Because LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh manages his sales team through, he’s always learning, and sharing, new tips to help managers get more out of their use of Salesforce CRM. This one tip receives the most positive feedback by far: Create a very simple report of yesterday’s client meetings that gets emailed each morning. Take 2 minutes to check out the video, and find out if you should be taking one simple step to start your day more efficiently.

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Coffee, Paper, Salesforce Event Report

Hi, my name is Bob Marsh, and I’m CEO of LevelEleven.

I use Salesforce on a daily basis to regularly look at how to allocate leads as they come in from the web or from the AppExchange and determine where they’re going to go to different members on our team. I also look at reports and generate reports to help me maintain a pulse on what’s happening in the business and to help our team members make sure that they’re focused on the right things.

My “Salesforce Tip of the Week” is, as a manager, to create for yourself an event summary report that gets emailed to you every morning. This is one of my favorite things.

So, when I first started using Salesforce, one of the things that I wanted to get out of it was to have a sense of the conversations that our team members were having with customers. This helps me maintain a pulse on what’s happening in the market, feedback our sales team is getting that may help me understand what we should be doing with our offerings, but also to identify and spot potential coaching opportunities with the sales team.

So what I’ve done is create a very simple report that is a summary of the events that happened yesterday, and that report has the name of the sales person, the customer they talked to, as well as the description field from an event. Every morning, it automatically runs a report and emails it out to me.

It’s one of the very first things I do in the morning. I have the coffee, read the paper and read my event report. And what I can do is I can very quickly — right in the email — look at all of the conversations that happened yesterday, know how they went and oftentimes, I’ll have a tip to share with a sales person or it’ll remind me to go do something.

It’s been one of the most valuable tools that I’ve found from using Salesforce day to day.

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Coffee, Paper, Salesforce Event Report [Video]
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Coffee, Paper, Salesforce Event Report [Video]
In this "Salesforce Tip of the Week," Bob Marsh offers the most valuable of all the Salesforce tips he has found while using the CRM to manage LevelEleven.
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