Salesforce Tip Video: Putting Chatter to Work

A lot of clients ask LevelEleven Account Executive Felipe Gonzales-Paul what they should be doing with Salesforce Chatter. Play the video below to find out what he tells them, based on how he uses the platform daily…

Or, check out the transcript:

Putting Chatter to Work

My name is Felipe Gonzales-Paul. I’m an account executive with LevelEleven.

I use Salesforce to track all of my day-to-day activities. If it’s a conversation I had, if it’s a call I made, if it’s a deal or an opportunity I’m working on, it’s in Salesforce.

My tip of the week is to use Chatter to collaborate on your opportunities with your management and internally.

So, folks will often ask me for some best practices for Chatter. They just rolled it out, and they can’t figure out a best use for it. How I use Chatter is I’ll collaborate on opportunities internally at LevelEleven with our customer success manager and also with our management, and it’s a great way to align our resources to meet the customer needs for the competitions that they’re looking to run. I think it’s a much more effective way to collaborate on certain types of things that you’re working on. Rather than shooting an email back and forth, it’s a great way to have all of your information in just one place. 

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