Using Salesforce “Tasks” to Manage Leads [Video]

Are you using Salesforce “Tasks” to effectively manage your sales leads? Maybe you should be. Click play to see what Karley Hall, LevelEleven’s business development manager, has to say about that…

Or, check out the transcript:

Using Salesforce “Tasks” to Manage Leads

Hi, my name’s Karley Hall, and I’m the business development manager over at LevelEleven.

I use Salesforce for literally everything that I do throughout my entire workday. I don’t know what I would do without it. I use it from finding prospects, to tracking leads and even converting the leads to accounts after I’ve booked a demo.

My “Salesforce Tip of the Week” is to always create a task within the “Open Activities” tab.

I think it’s really important as a sales person to be persistent and follow up on all of your leads. After I call each prospect, I create a “Task” to email that prospect, and it just helps to ensure that I won’t forget following up with that person. And so, I just find it really useful.

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Using Salesforce “Tasks” to Manage Leads [Video]
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Using Salesforce “Tasks” to Manage Leads [Video]
Learn how to use Salesforce "Tasks" to manage leads in this "Salesforce Tip of the Week."
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