Salesforce Tip Video: Want More Leads?

Want more leads? Then use Salesforce to understand what works. Watch this week’s tip to get the details from LevelEleven’s Director of Marketing, Kristy Sharrow.

Or, check out the transcript.

Want More Leads? Understand What Works

Hi, my name is Kristy Sharrow, and I’m the Director of Marketing at LevelEleven. 

I use Salesforce to communicate new leads, as they come in, to our sales team; to track my goals around lead generation; and then also to stay in the loop when it comes to any information I need on clients or prospects.

My “Salesforce Tip of the Week” is to use custom reports to understand how your marketing efforts are translating into lead generation.

So, generating leads is one of my primary goals here at LevelEleven. I actually have quarterly numbers that I try to hit, and I have developed reports around those numbers that I refresh daily.

That allows me a few different advantages. First of all, of course, I see where I stand in terms of hitting my quarterly goals. But I also get to drill in a little deeper when I’m doing this on a daily basis. So, if I go back to my desk right now and see that we’ve generated a significant amount of leads while I was making this video, it’s fresh in my head what I’ve done today to achieve that, and I know right now what I’ve done differently today, as opposed to days past that potentially led to us obtaining those leads.

So, the great thing about that is I can tweak our marketing efforts moving forward, and literally on a daily basis I am fine-tuning our outreach so that it is more and more targeted to our ideal buyer.

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