Salesforce Tip Video: Get Closer to a “Closed – Won”

Do you fully understand your sales opportunities? Take advantage of “Qualification Details” in Salesforce, and you will. See what we mean in this week’s tip. 

Or, check out the transcript:

Salesforce Tip: Get Closer to a “Closed – Won”

Hi, my name is Rich Starkey. I’m an Account Executive for LevelEleven. 

I use Salesforce every single day in my sales process. 

My “Salesforce Tip of the Week” is to use qualifying details under “Opportunities.” 

In our instance, we have a set of qualifying questions that helps us better understand the opportunities at large. For instance, we would have questions like: Does the company understand pricing? How is the organization set up? What challenges specifically are they looking to solve?

And so, I know if I check every one of those boxes and go through every one of those stages, I’ll be much closer to a “Closed – Won” at the end of the month. 

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