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by James Gardikas May 24, 2018

5 Business Needs & Specific Contest Ideas That Address Them

Contests can quickly focus the efforts of an entire sales team on one common goal. However, that goal can vary from business-to-business, as situations change and business strategies evolve. When this happens, business leaders need to know how to align their internal contests to meet the present needs of their organization, while still making it fun and engaging! Here are five examples of specific business needs, and contest that can address them:

by Julie Dunn September 19, 2017

5 Stages of Sales Management [SlideShare]

Sales Management is Not Easy Anytime someone is new to sales management, there is an adjustment period to figure out how to be effective. When that transition is from being a direct seller to a manager, that adjustment can be even more jarring. We all know the typical story with sales managers – they were

by Julie Dunn July 13, 2016

40 Sales KPIs for Inside Sales Teams

As a data-driven modern sales leader, you already understand the benefits of sales KPIs: They provide you with an objective way to measure and coach around every step of the sales process; improve decision-making for sales reps on where they spend time; and help you maintain pacing toward revenue targets. But sometimes, defining KPIs can

by Julie Dunn July 5, 2016

35 Sales KPIs for Field Sales Teams

Sales KPIs are not just for inside sales teams. That’s because, as Activity Based Selling tells us, winning a sale is the outcome of a cascading chain of controllable activities. Whether your sales cycle is long or short, simple or complex, small business or enterprise: there’s still a set of specific activities that have to

by Julie Dunn January 21, 2016

11 Sales Metric Tips from Top Experts

A few weeks back, we set out to gather as many helpful sales performance quotes from top industry experts as we could find. We wanted to arm your 2016 sales leadership game with the ultimate guide. So we’ve got 101 sales performance tips waiting for you. (Grab those here.) But until you can get to that, check out some of our favorite

by Julie Dunn December 23, 2015

What’s the ROI for Engaging Salespeople in Sales Metrics?

The concept of being a metrics-driven sales organization sounds like a great idea because every executive wants to see more predictability in their sales process and know when and how they can scale their company. The board and investors don’t want subjective explanations about what’s happening in sales – they want data. According to new