40 Sales KPIs for Inside Sales Teams

sales KPIs for inside sales teamsAs a data-driven modern sales leader, you already understand the benefits of sales KPIs: They provide you with an objective way to measure and coach around every step of the sales process; improve decision-making for sales reps on where they spend time; and help you maintain pacing toward revenue targets.

But sometimes, defining KPIs can be the hardest part. How do you know what metrics are right for your team? Do you use leading indicators or lagging indicators? Or Both?

The first thing to know is that KPIs have to be relevant to your team and sales process. What works for one sales team may not work for another. That’s why we broke the KPIs down by sales role and industry in the first ever Sales KPI Report. We analyzed over 1,500 activities being used to manage and motivate more than 100 sales teams.

The second thing to know about KPIs is that they will be adjusted over time. Maybe you pick out a few sales KPIs and after some time find they aren’t driving revenue. That’s totally okay. Discard them, and try again with something else. (But be sure to explain to your sales team why you’re replacing those KPIs).

The most important step is to just get started. Take a look at these 40 sales KPIs and see if you can choose 3-4 that would work for your team (An industry best practice is to use 3 leading indicators and 1 lagging indicator).

40 Sales KPIs for Inside Sales Reps


  1. Conversations
  2. Talk Time
  3. Proposals
  4. Pipe in Contract
  5. Wins
  6. Bringing Opp to 90%
  7. Discovery Calls
  8. ROI Discussions
  9. Close Rate
  10. Contacts Added
  11. Advancing Opportunities
  12. Clearslide Pitch
  13. Calls
  14. Demo Completed
  15. Pulsecheck
  16. 3+ Minute Conversations
  17. Marketing Leads Created
  18. Meetings Scheduled
  19. Win Ratio
  20. Outbound Activity
  21. New Logo
  22. Opportunities Created
  23. Forecast vs. Bookings
  24. Closing Calls
  25. Deal Size
  26. Activities Completed
  27. Consultations
  28. Proposals Sent
  29. Emails Sent
  30. First Meetings
  31. Face to Face Meetings
  32. Apps Submitted
  33. Assessment Completed
  34. Contacts Added
  35. Talk Time
  36. Pipeline vs Future Quarter Quota
  37. Events
  38. Sales Cycle Length
  39. Senior Buyer Connect
  40. New Biz Opps

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