Using LevelEleven for Sales Operations

In a sales operations role, your job is to make sure things are running smoothly while producing the best results – easier said than done. Your sales leadership team will define goals for their teams, but they’ll rely on you to do a lot of the heavy lifting.

Although goals may be set, it’s your responsibility to know what’s possible based on what resources are readily available to the sales team and historically, what has taken place. 

You could comb through reports and dashboards, attempting to understand your data and your team’s potential- but LevelEleven allows you to visualize your sales team’s performance all in one screen inside of Salesforce. 

You have a lot on your plate. LevelEleven alleviates that by making it easier to align your data with business goals, maintain your workflows and processes, and plan with the future in mind. 

Align Your Data with Business Goals

LevelEleven aids in figuring out what’s working and what’s not working. If your sales team is consistently not hitting their goals, there might be an opportunity to dig deeper into your data before making any steps towards coaching. 

First, you’ll want to make sure your data is telling the right story. Ask yourself if the metrics you’re currently tracking make sense and align with business goals. You can figure this out by using your team’s Manager Scorecard. We know it can get a little complicated if you oversee multiple different sales teams. Manager Scorecard helps you keep track of how your different teams are performing – even if they have different metrics. 

Use Conversion Insights inside Manager Scorecard to take your business alignment to the next level. 

Conversion Insights acts like a calculator and determines what activity is needed to hit your team goals. You can also reverse engineer it to understand your current team’s conversion rates to see if either goals need to be changed or coaching needs to happen. This will also give you insight into how your data is being collected and if your sales team is correctly reporting their activity and pipeline.

Maintain Workflows and Processes

As sales operations, it’s your responsibility to maintain the data, set processes and ensure these processes are being followed, and ultimately make sure the sales team is operating efficiently.

Although you can’t always control the sales results, you can use LevelEleven to ensure you’re giving your team everything they need and setting them up for success. 

The best way for you to maintain processes is to maintain your team’s Performance Scorecards. Performance Scorecards are a visual representation of an individual’s progress, over time, toward a certain goal or metric.

Unlike your traditional Salesforce dashboards and reports, Performance Scorecard shows progress toward a goal in real-time. Being able to visualize historical performance assists in better understanding what’s possible moving forward, or where adjustments need to be made. 

As someone in a sales operations role, Manager Scorecard is your best friend when it comes to communicating with sales leadership. In a quick view, you can see if your team is doing what they’re supposed to do, and if they’re doing it correctly. 

Too often sales managers choose to initiate coaching conversations without fully understanding the data. Instead, partner with them to help them to investigate gaps in the business and create a game plan to address errors seen throughout the entire sales team. 

If an individual needs more 1-1 coaching, connect with sales leadership and utilize Manager Scorecard to understand what the top performers are doing differently and brainstorm some action items in advance. Although coaching isn’t necessarily your job, you hold additional insights to understand what’s working and what’s not, and how to adjust as needed. 

Long Term Planning

When it comes to planning, chances are you are one of the few people who puts thought into the long-term future. For many people in sales, it’s all about the current moment and what is in pipeline for the immediate future. But what about after the quarter is over? What about next year? 

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if you need better coaching, better people, better tech, or better training. This is a question LevelEleven helps answer. It’s hard to put blame on one thing, but LevelEleven helps you address your current problems from a position of curiosity and knowledge- before it’s too late. 

With LevelEleven, use Manager Scorecard to dive into your sales team’s performance to: 

  • Understand where they might be facing challenges in the sales cycle
  • See how often leads are converting to sales
  • View records associated with each individual metric

and more.

People may disagree with your claims, but data doesn’t lie. LevelEleven provides you with any CRM data you might need when it comes to future planning. You can get the big picture of your sales team’s overall performance, as well as individual performance, to make the best data-driven decisions moving forward.

Sales Operations Simplified

To be blunt, LevelEleven makes your job easier. It can be a lot of work to pull multiple reports together and visualize them all at once. Actually, your CRM might make it very challenging to do so. LevelEleven displays team performance in one easy view, measures activity conversions, and enforces the behaviors that matter most to your organization. 

You’re often the unsung hero of the sales team, and we’re here to recognize you for it- and help you out.

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