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by Allie Reck October 29, 2020

Executive Scorecards for Enterprise-level Teams

LevelEleven’s Executive Scorecard provides a condensed, focused view of how your enterprise-level team is doing in real-time. Our performance management tool was built for large teams and those with complex business structures.

by Allie Reck October 1, 2020

October 2020 Release Notes Available Now!

Read on to see some of the great new features and updates to LevelEleven's solutions. Learn what's new in this release including Conversion Insights, Coaching Note Scoring, Contest Time Machine, Multi-Team Manager and more improvements!

by Allie Reck September 29, 2020

Your Guide to Improving Sales Metrics with LevelEleven’s Performance Scorecard

A guide to understanding what a sales performance scorecard is and how it can help both sales reps and sales managers improve visibility and performance.

by Megan Seamans July 3, 2019

Best KPIs for Sales Development Reps to Focus on in the Second Half of 2019

Calls and emails are not always going to cut it. Here are six best KPIs for Sales Development Reps to focus on to finish out 2019 strong.

by Megan Seamans April 26, 2019

You Employees are Less Engaged – Here’s Why

Beyond lost revenue, disengaged employees can be doing more harm than you think. Teams that are actively disengaged are unhappy at work, which may even lead to destructive behavior like undermining projects. This is obviously a problem. The first step to resolving it is to address what causes your employees to be disengaged.

by Megan Seamans February 28, 2019

The Modern Manager’s Guide to a Productive Coaching Session

Saying you don't have time for sales coaching is like saying that your sales team is perfect. Follow these 5 steps to lead an effective, modern coaching session that benefits you, your team, and the organization.