Using LevelEleven for Sales Leadership

There is no successful implementation of LevelEleven without buy-in from the sales leadership team. This is because although LevelEleven solves your challenges, it may bring a few of the cracks in your team’s processes to the surface.

After all, if you don’t know where the problem is, how can you expect to solve it?

At a high level, sales leadership can use LevelEleven to understand team activity levels, gain visibility into performance, coach on how to improve, and motivate key behaviors. 

But it also helps you do so much more with your data. 

Sales Performance Management is an equation of behaviors + processes + incentives = results. The different parts of LevelEleven are meant to support each other, so if you are missing part of that equation, you may not get the full value.

That’s why LevelEleven was made to help sales leaders identify quality gaps in the sales process, build better Performance Scorecard metrics to gain better analytical insight, coach with consistency, and drive company culture.

Identify Quality Gaps in Your Sales Process

As a leader, when it comes to your approach to coaching, you could simply sit in on a couple meetings and listen to a few phone calls. Or you could take a better approach.

To get the maximum value out of a powerful solution like LevelEleven, you need to act upon the insights you’ve gained. Armed with these insights, you can be more strategic about how you build your sales team’s Performance Scorecard.

There are two important features of Performance Scorecard that help you be strategic.

The first, Conversion Insights allows you to visualize potential outputs based on historical data. It lives on Performance Scorecard, but it also influences how you coach. When you’re able to see the output of certain actions, it’s easier to coach your team to success.

Second, the LevelEleven Performance Index (LPI) score helps you see how effectively your team executes their metrics. With it, you can filter your top four active metrics and obtain a numerical score that identifies your top and bottom performers.

When you use Conversion Insights with your four key metrics, you can identify what areas of the sales cycle your team is strongest in and identify areas where they may need more help. 

Now, you’re focused on outcomes instead of effort.

Build Better Metrics

As a solution, LevelEleven is leading our customers to a lot of interesting conversations on how their sales teams are logging activity. From a quality control perspective, leaders should know how their team uses Salesforce on a daily basis. 

For example, when a sales rep makes a phone call to a prospect, what is the process of logging this call? LevelEleven solves two challenges in this scenario:

  1. Encourages your team to log calls
  2. Forces your team to be specific about their activity to gain meaningful data and understand actual success 

Logging a phone call as something as simple as that is not enough information. Is it a ghost call? A live conversation? A demo? An executive meeting? 

Be specific in order to understand what activities lead to success, and then drive those behaviors through your Performance Scorecard, contests, and coaching.

You’ll also gain a better idea of who you need to coach when using LevelEleven because you’re implementing more than a solution, but a deliberate and proactive approach to performance management. 

Coach with Consistency

Now that you know who to coach, you need a solution that helps you do it. The actionable information you get from LevelEleven’s Coaching notes enables you to coach with consistency, document individual sessions, and assign action items all from within Salesforce. Coaching notes help you keep track of progress so you can see if the behaviors and activities you want your team to be doing are improving.

As for new hires, the onboarding process is much faster and easier for both you and the new rep. With LevelEleven’s solution, Success Plans help the new hire know exactly what is expected of them while you can keep track of their progress.  

When you use LevelEleven’s Coaching solution, you’ll quickly realize coaching doesn’t have to be difficult or overwhelming. LevelEleven’s solution makes it so easy, it becomes second nature and eventually, a part of your culture.

Drive Culture

Of course, Channel11, our television broadcast solution, is a culture-driver by televising team and individual performance, but personalizing it for your team is where the fun comes in. 

Channel11 sets off Splashes, visual (and sometimes audio) celebrations of achievement, when your team hits their goals- or whenever you feel like celebrating your team. Yep, managers can set off Splashes whenever you want to keep your team motivated. 

As an added bonus, your team can personalize their Splashes to best fit their personality; picking their favorite movie scene, music video, sports clip, and more!

Although we promise that Splashes will get your team excited, Channel11 is also a great way to share:

  • Company news
  • Internal announcements 
  • Contests 
  • Leaderboards 
  • And more

Empower the Modern Sales Team

Although most sales reps like to have fun while working, the idea of a quota is usually pretty stressful. However, with LevelEleven, you can build Performance Scorecards that align with your company goals, hold Contests that motivate any desired outcome, and coach your team on how to hit their goals. 

Say goodbye to the days of miscommunication and micromanagement and hello to your team knowing- and understanding- exactly what is expected of them, and how to get there.

Ultimately, LevelEleven gives you the ability, as a sales leader, to sit down with your reps and say, “This is what I’m going to coach you on and we will have documented conversations about it.” This might seem like a small task for some leaders, but having a clear process around performance management and coaching is powerful for any modern sales team.

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