11 Sales Metric Tips from Top Experts

A few weeks back, we set out to gather as many helpful sales performance quotes from top industry experts as we could find. We wanted to arm your 2016 sales leadership game with the ultimate guide.

So we’ve got 101 sales performance tips waiting for you. (Grab those here.) But until you can get to that, check out some of our favorite finds on the topic of sales metrics:

11 Sales Metric Tips from Top Experts

1. “[Sales] metrics used to be about the end game…people are now starting to measure what it takes to get to the end game.” – Trish Bertuzzi, President, The Bridge Group [Source]

2. “When you see metrics on a daily basis, you can make small adjustments before they need to become huge changes.” – Phil Brabbs, Managing Director, Torrent Consulting [Source]

3. “Salespeople, don’t let management be the only ones who use data. Build your own dashboard and track your own metrics. Focus on your close rate, your average pipeline size per month, average times in pipeline, etc.” – Keenan, CEO, A Sales Guy [Source]

4. “Everybody gets activity metrics at this point. I think that’s an old story. What you’re seeing people do a better job of — though it’s still not good — is really understanding which metrics are making a difference.” – Steve Richard, CRO, ExecVision [Source]

5. “Adding sales metrics is healthy and should make sense to the reps that are using and tracking them. If they understand how the metrics help shape their behaviors and activities, they are more likely to embrace them.” – Phil Brabbs, Managing Director, Torrent Consulting [Source]

6. “Control the controllable metrics.” – Brendan Hartt, Director of Sales Development, LevelEleven [Source]

7. “Different metrics provide different insights, many of them hugely valuable to the sales leader, sales manager and salesperson. But things that are easily counted aren’t always the best indication about how well you are doing producing results.” – Anthony Iannarino, International Speaker, Author & Sales Leader [Source]

8. “Metrics are pillars that drive sales behavior.” – Phil Brabbs, Managing Director, Torrent Consulting [Source]

9.  “Don’t let the metrics become the Wizard of Oz [hiding behind the curtain]. That’s a huge mistake that you see out there, when sales leaders turn into spreadsheet jockeys and they’re sitting there behind their screens and they have no understanding of what’s going on on the floor. Instead, let people be empowered by their metrics so that they can improve their own performance and help them understand on an individual level what matters to them.” – Steve Richard, CRO, ExecVision [Source]

10. “The modern sales leader manages with metrics, engages with content and oftentimes even becomes a thought leader in your industry, works alongside the team in the trenches, coaches the team on consistency and forges a collaborative team that wins together. – Bob Marsh, CEO, LevelEleven [Source]

11. “Books and websites by experts are a great way to gather information and learn about metrics that could be relevant to your business. The problem arises when people start taking these metrics at face value.”  – Phil Brabbs, Managing Director, Torrent Consulting [Source]

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