When it comes to defining sales KPIs, you have a few options: You can sit in your office, choose your main KPIs and announce those metrics to the team, or you can get your salespeople involved in KPI decisions. Go with #2. Yes, it takes extra time, which is why many sales leaders find easy validation...
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When you think KPIs for your sales team, do you think sales quotas, average deal size or revenue per sales rep? Well, think again. Defining a KPI within a sales organization is often misunderstood and therefore, misused. To better understand how to get this right and build your own KPI-driven sales machine, this post will unravel...
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Closing deals and making the number is the goal of any salesperson or sales leader. There is complete alignment here, and anyone in sales has selected a career where they are willing to be held accountable to their results. In fact, in most cases, 50% of their compensation is tied to hitting these goals! So...
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