35 Sales KPIs for Field Sales Teams

Sales KPIs are not just for inside sales teams.

That’s because, as Activity Based Selling tells us, winning a sale is the outcome of a cascading chain of controllable activities. Whether your sales cycle is long or short, simple or complex, small business or enterprise: there’s still a set of specific activities that have to occur to go from opportunity to close.

sales kpis for field sales teamsThink about it: Just like there are specific activities that drive an inside sales process (such as calls, meetings scheduled and demos completed), field sales is fueled by behaviors like face-to-face meetings, VP-level conversations and opportunities created.

When we put together the inaugural Sales KPI Report, we analyzed more than 1,500 sales activities managed and motivated in over 100 sales organizations. Because the KPI discovery and implementation process is specific to the type of sales team you have, we then released the Complete Sales KPI Guide for Field Sales Teams.

Based on our research, here are 35 sales KPI ideas for field sales teams:

Sales KPI Ideas for Field Sales


  1. Wins
  2. Face to Face Meetings
  3. VP Level Conversations
  4. Opportunities Created
  5. Win Ratio
  6. Strategies Selling Plans Completed
  7. Calls
  8. Meetings
  9. Demo Completed
  10. Activities Completed
  11. Proposals Sent
  12. Meetings Scheduled
  13. Emails Sent
  14. Outbound Activity
  15. First Meetings
  16. Contacts Added
  17. Talk Time
  18. Events
  19. New Biz Opps
  20. New Logo
  21. Pipeline in Contract
  22. Advancing Opportunities
  23. Assessment Completed
  24. Forecast vs. Bookings
  25. Consultations
  26. 4+ Minute Conversations
  27. Head of Sales Connect
  28. Marketing Leads Created
  29. Closing Calls
  30. Clearslide Pitch
  31. Pulsecheck
  32. Pipeline vs. Future Quarter Quota
  33. Senior Buyer Connect
  34. Bringing Opp to 90%
  35. Apps Submitted

Interested in learning more about how field sales leaders use KPIs, what KPIs experts recommend for field sales teams and how to implement an Activity Based Selling methodology around KPIs that will accelerate revenue? Grab your copy of our brand new KPI guide for field sales teams.

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