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by Julie Dunn November 12, 2014

Using Twitter for Business? Get to Know It with 9 Fast Facts

Think you know Twitter? So did I this morning. Then I attended Quicken Loans’ first ever “Family of Companies Social Media Conference,” hosted by Twitter Senior Account Executive Sara Baker this afternoon. And I had some serious aha moments.  In effort toward helping you to do the same, I’ve compiled a list of nine of the interesting

by Julie Dunn March 18, 2014

5 Tips for Salespeople to Polish LinkedIn Profiles

With over 200 million users and counting, the professional networking/social media giant, LinkedIn, has become more of an everyday tool than simply a profile. Here are a few tips that will distinguish your presence from the masses and let you use your profile to your advantage. 1. On photos: Make your profile photo reflect who

by Julie Dunn March 10, 2014

6 Tips for Using Social Media to Boost Sales [Inc.]

Just because your sales reps make LinkedIn connection requests daily and tweet company news from time to time doesn’t mean they leverage social selling. And if they’re not leveraging social selling, they could be missing out on deals. Coach your team on implementing some of the tips LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh shares in his recent Inc. post,

by Julie Dunn February 26, 2014

5 Tips to Leverage LinkedIn for Sales

Building relationships is the key to being successful in sales, and there’s no easier way to connect with and influence your prospects than through social media, especially on LinkedIn. Here are a few tips on using LinkedIn for sales that will allow you to show your personality and make a stronger impression: 1. Personalize every

by Aaron Bartels February 17, 2014

Sales Gamification & Social Selling: What Happened When We Combined Them

Sales gamification. Social selling. Each has become a buzzword. Each gets attention in publications, at conferences and by business leaders. But what happens when you combine the two, so that each becomes both? We at the Sales Benchmark Index worked with one of our clients to find out. The competition: We started by running a

by Julie Dunn July 17, 2013

LinkedIn for Prospecting: Nonsense or Necessity?

My mind is still trying to process all of the new content – the lessons and introductions and inspiration – it gained from Monday’s Sales 2.0 Conference in Boston. But the trouble is, it just can’t get past one statistic: Less than 15 percent of respondents in an Introhive study of B2B sales professionals said