Using Twitter for Business? Get to Know It with 9 Fast Facts

Think you know Twitter? So did I this morning. Then I attended Quicken Loans’ first ever “Family of Companies Social Media Conference,” hosted by Twitter Senior Account Executive Sara Baker this afternoon. And I had some serious aha moments.  In effort toward helping you to do the same, I’ve compiled a list of nine of the interesting facts discussed. Whether your team uses Twitter for advertising or to promote an organic presence, these’ll be helpful in ensuring you understand what kind of platform you’re working with.

1. 66% of Twitter users watch live events. That’s 11% more than other social network users.

66 percent
2. Speaking of events, 17.4 million tweets were posted on the topic of the 2014 Oscars alone.

Fast Facts

3. Twitter has 284 million active global users.

284 million

4. 23% of Twitter’s traffic comes from North America.

North America

5. 80% of Twitter use is on mobile.


6. 2 in 3 users say they search for things on Twitter at least once a day.


7. 2 in 3 users say they’ve searched on Twitter for a product/brand they’ve seen advertised on TV.

2 in 3

8. Over 50% of users say Twitter gives them the latest news faster than any other sources.

Over 50

9. 25% of Twitter users say they’ve bought something as a direct result of what they’ve seen/learned on Twitter.


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