5 Tips to Leverage LinkedIn for Sales

Leverage LinkedIn for SalesBuilding relationships is the key to being successful in sales, and there’s no easier way to connect with and influence your prospects than through social media, especially on LinkedIn.

Here are a few tips on using LinkedIn for sales that will allow you to show your personality and make a stronger impression:

1. Personalize every connection request that you send.

When you are asking to connect with someone, always be sure to craft a personal note with a reminder of how you met the person or why you would like to connect with them, rather than sending the generic message that LinkedIn provides.

2. Expand your network by browsing the “People You May Know” and “People Also Viewed” tabs.

By doing this, you may discover a classmate or former colleague that you hadn’t previously connected with. It helps to also pay attention to the profile updates in your newsfeed. One of your connections may have a new position or be with a new company and would be able to further introduce you to new people and business opportunities.

3. Share industry news and other relevant posts 2 or 3 times a day. 

People are drawn to content. Sharing good, informative posts will improve your credibility, as well as your own knowledge. Also, as you share and comment on thought-provoking posts, you’ll be establishing yourself as more of a thought leader.

4. Make sure that you not only join groups, but start conversations in them.

LinkedIn is a place of collaboration for professionals. With over 2.1 million groups, there is plenty of room to dive into topics that interest you, expound on new industry trends and give helpful advice to others experiencing some of the challenges you’ve overcome in your career. Your group participation offers great exposure of your knowledge and personality and strengthens your connections.

5. Maintain relationships with your first connections.

Remember that you connected with them originally to gain insight/knowledge and to leverage relationships. Take advantage of these connections, since having strong relationships will allow you to really leverage your network. Stay up to speed on what is going on in your connections’ companies, send relevant articles to them in a personal message, congratulate them on promotions and new positions, comment on statuses and reciprocate endorsements. Always try to offer something of value to your contacts.


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