Email isn’t going anywhere but it’s no longer the star player in the prospecting lineup. Anyone who receives prospecting emails knows not only how monotonous and boring they can be, but how easily they pile up in your inbox.

It’s extremely difficult to stand out as a prospector, and most emails you send will get sent to trash immediately. However, there are a few tactics you can use to make an impact with your outreach – and one of them is the video sales letter.

What is a video sales letter?

Video sales letters are meant to replace written sales copy. The video will usually explore a problem, and introduce a particular product or service as the solution. Unlike traditional sales emails, video sales letters allow you to get the same message across in a unique and grabbing way.

Here is a guide on how to create a successful prospecting video sales letter that have the highest chance of converting.

Utilize an effective video sales software

There are many softwares out there with the capability to make simple videos. Whether you chose a free or paid solution, it’s important to find one that meets your needs and level of expertise relating to video creation. Furthermore, with the popularity of smartphones, it’s easy to make a video sales letter anywhere.

Vimeo gives the option to indicate if your video is public or private. Public videos are searchable on the site, while private links are only available to prospects you send the link to.

Vidyard allows users to record a general video and insert personalization elements, and quickly created hundreds or personalized video sales letters.

Soapbox allows you to record your screen and webcam at the same time. It makes it easy to record, edit, and share high-quality videos using just a webcam, making it possible to record video sales letters anywhere..

Remember the basics

Although video outreach can seem vastly different than sending a written email, the same selling tactics still apply. Remember best practices that have worked for you in email copy, and apply them to the video. Instead of making sure to grab someone’s attention in the first paragraph, capture their attention in the first 30 seconds (or even 5 seconds!) Don’t be afraid to state a pain point outright to grab attention before going into your solution.

Video Sales letter tips:

Be relevant

Do the initial research and figure out their pain points and what solution you have to solve their problem. Incorporate your research throughout the video to hold their attention and establish your own interest in alleviating their pain point.

Start out with a bang

Grab their attention and say something weird or interesting. Look into ways to increase your chance of a prospect listening. For example, saying “you” within the first 5 seconds may increase viewer retention by 66%

Use emotion when introducing their pain point

State your knowledge of the importance of their problem or issue. Focus on their pain point to keep the video about them, while simultaneously showing that you can relate to your audience by detailing your personal experience with the problem or a similar one.

Gently introduce your solution in the context of how it can help their pain point you discussed

Reference back to their stated pain points, detailing how your solution can improve each situation. This establishes your knowledge of their issues as well as your authority on your own product or solution.

Hit them with the facts to establish credibility for yourself and your solution

Backing your previous claims and statements up with statistics, quotes from customers, and success stories. It’s especially effective to bring up success stories or customers who were dealing with similar pain points, showing proof of concept.

Finish strong with a clear call to action

After showing your knowledge of their problem and telling how your solution can assist, you must drive it home with next steps. Your prospect may be wildly impressed with your video sales letter, but without a call to action, they won’t know where to go from there. End with a phrase such as, “I’ll check in next week to talk more.” or “Contact me with any questions” to ensure follow up.

Although it can seem unnerving at first, creating and sending video sales letters is a very effective method to catch and keep a prospect’s attention. Using the right software, flow, and message are only the start. Like anything, practice makes perfect and the more video sales letters you create, the better they’ll get.

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