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by Julie Dunn September 3, 2014

Introducing LevelEleven Partner Templates: Yesware [Video]

If you’ve spent any time on our website or near the LevelEleven offices, you’ve probably run into one of our favorite phrases: “Motivate What Matters.” And the fact is, if making sales were as easy as just closing deals, you wouldn’t need to motivate what matters, because you could just motivate closing deals — and

by Julie Dunn March 31, 2014

Gamification for CRM Adoption? Reset Your Goals

There are all sorts of reasons why you should bring gamification into your work environment. CRM adoption isn’t one of them. Well, at least it shouldn’t be your main focus. LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh discussed this in his recent post on the Salesforce.com blog: “Gamification for CRM Adoption? Reset Your Goals.“ “It shouldn’t be a surprise

by Julie Dunn January 22, 2014

A Story of Sales Gamification, by Morningstar [Video]

Maybe you’re sick of hearing the “whys“  behind, and best practices around, sales gamification. Maybe you just want to hear a real company share a real story about a real gamification experience. If that’s the case, maybe today’s your day. Morningstar‘s sales leadership used gamification to increase demos, sales and Salesforce adoption. And they let us

by Mike Vespa January 16, 2014

Drive CRM Adoption through Gamification

One of the biggest challenges companies face when introducing a customer relationship management (CRM) software like salesforce.com is getting their teams to actually use it. End users often view the new system as another thing to do. As a result of their lack of adoption, quantifying the technology’s ROI can be challenging for leadership. What if companies

by Julie Dunn January 10, 2014

Start Chatter Adoption Here

What was it like when you first started using Twitter? Chances are you didn’t know whether to post like you do on LinkedIn, Facebook or a combination of both. You weren’t exactly sure what a hashtag was or how it worked. You had no idea how you could follow so many people (suggested to you, of course) and

by Julie Dunn October 23, 2013

Sales Team Motivation: It’s All About the Carrots [Video]

After years of managing sales teams, LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh discovered that it’s all about the carrots — at least when it comes to sales team motivation. Check out this short video to find out what exactly he learned and how it led to the creation of LevelEleven. Or, you can read the transcript: Bob: