If you’ve spent any time on our website or near the LevelEleven offices, you’ve probably run into one of our favorite phrases: “Motivate What Matters.” And the fact is, if making sales were as easy as just closing deals, you wouldn’t need to motivate what matters, because you could just motivate closing deals — and there’d be nothing more to it.

But anyone in sales will tell you that more than 90+% of their effort is spent on smaller activities that, when added up, amount to deals closed. And because one of the huge values of having Salesforce is the suite of powerful 3rd party apps that make it powerfully adaptable, we’re adding LevelEleven Partner Templates as a feature in our sales motivation app so you can more easily and effectively “motivate what matters” in your Salesforce CRM ecosystem.

Check out our new video featuring Yesware, a great tool that integrates seamlessly with Gmail and Salesforce, and allows you to track communications; get feedback; create and share effective email templates; and improve productivity for salespeople. The LevelEleven Partner Template for Yesware offers prebuilt contest templates so you can maximize the value you gain from Yesware and motivate those crucial actions that lead to sales!

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