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by Megan Seamans September 21, 2018

A Little Healthy Competition: Enabling the Competitive Nature of Sales

Sales reps are often competitive by nature. When harnessed and enabled properly, internal sales competition can drive big wins for the entire business overall. Sales management dashboards like LevelEleven provide a way to tailor the delivery of performance metrics to your sales team. To get the most out of the information, companies can use these numbers to enable a competitive spirit. Here are some creative ways you can use performance visibility to drive positive competition among your reps that will help boost sales team performance and make your business the biggest winner of all.

by James Gardikas March 15, 2018

How to Build the Perfect LevelEleven Sales Contest

When done right, LevelEleven sales contests garner notoriety from the executive table to the bullpen. But, to create a sales contest that wins the hearts of your salespeople, sales managers and executive team, you need to consider all of the factors that impact its success. If you’re a front line Sales Manager looking to build the

by Julie Dunn September 3, 2014

Introducing LevelEleven Partner Templates: Yesware [Video]

If you’ve spent any time on our website or near the LevelEleven offices, you’ve probably run into one of our favorite phrases: “Motivate What Matters.” And the fact is, if making sales were as easy as just closing deals, you wouldn’t need to motivate what matters, because you could just motivate closing deals — and

by Julie Dunn May 8, 2013

We Kept a Secret: Compete

Did you hear that we rebranded Contest Builder to become Compete? We decided to keep it secret until VentureBeat broke the news. This proved difficult, to say the least, given the level of our excitement around the app’s new look and feel. So here’s how we’re feeling now: To learn more about the big secret,

by Julie Dunn December 17, 2012

LevelEleven Launches LeaderTV and New Updates to Contest Builder

(**Please Note: Since this post was published, Contest Builder has been rebranded; it is now Compete. Learn more here.) LevelEleven, the sales gamification and CRM solutions company, today announced the availability of LeaderTV along with new features to Contest Builder, the top-ranked gamification app on the Salesforce AppExchange. LeaderTV makes Contest Builder scoreboards an important

by Julie Dunn October 30, 2012

LevelEleven Launches as New Enterprise Gamification and CRM Company

(**Please Note: Since this post was published, Contest Builder has been rebranded; it is now Compete. Learn more here.) LevelEleven, a new company focused on enterprise gamification and CRM solutions, today announced its official launch with $1 million in seed funding led by Detroit Venture Partners with an equity stake from ePrize. Originally developed and incubated