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by Julie Dunn October 29, 2012

Success Stories & Metrics: Making Sales Gamification Work

(**Please Note: Since this post was published, Contest Builder has been rebranded; it is now Compete. Learn more here.) The topic of gamification has been getting a lot of attention. It sounds like a great idea – making work more game-like, and creating friendly competition within a sales or service team. But many still wonder how

by Brendan Hartt October 29, 2012

Losing your Call Center reps? Tackling the Grind with Some Competition

Every organization has its own culture, regardless of employee size. For example, Forbes most innovative company in the world, salesforce.com, defines their culture as having the “top talent across the globe come to salesforce.com for the “change-the-world” mentality; the opportunity to excel in a fast-paced atmosphere; and the chance to be surrounded by peers and

by Julie Dunn October 12, 2012

Sales Contest Builder for Cases?

For some of you who are new to Sales Contest Builder, you may be surprised to learn that our product works really well for contests that aren’t even related to Salesforce Sales Cloud. Through our Custom Contest option, we can build contests around Cases or any other Custom Object. Basically, if it’s in your Salesforce

by Julie Dunn September 5, 2012

ePrize Gamification Sessions at Dreamforce 2012

We couldn’t be more excited about this year’s Dreamforce conference. It’s only a few weeks away and the buzz has really been building around our sales motivation and gamification app. If you’re headed out to Dreamforce, here are some details on where we’ll be during the week. We look forward to seeing you!! Our home

by Julie Dunn July 18, 2012

Pro-face Raises the Game Toward Their Wildly Important Goals

An interview with Jack Webb, National Sales Manager of Pro-face America. Pro-face is a leading global supplier of a broad range of industrial automation hardware and software solutions. Our principal products include the Pro-face brand operator interfaces, HMI software, and industrial computers. Pro-face offers dedicated and PC-based, open-architecture, visualization and control solutions. What we wanted