Sales Team Motivation: It’s All About the Carrots [Video]

After years of managing sales teams, LevelEleven CEO Bob Marsh discovered that it’s all about the carrots — at least when it comes to sales team motivation. Check out this short video to find out what exactly he learned and how it led to the creation of LevelEleven.

Or, you can read the transcript:

Bob: I’ve been managing salespeople for years, and man, it’s hard to keep them focused on the right things to help them win more business. I mean, they want to sell more so they can make more, but in the day-to-day execution the small misses can be the difference between making and missing our number.

Sales Rep 1: [On phone] Yeah — sure, John. A meeting in February 2017 sounds awesome. Thanks for the interest! 

Sales Rep 2: [On phone] No, we don’t need to meet in person. Let’s just do a screen share. 

Bob: I’ve tried managing with the proverbial stick, but it just doesn’t feel right, and it just doesn’t work. So I made a huge investment in a CRM system,, thinking that if I could just measure what’s happening in the sales organization, ultimately I can motivate it. [Approaches Sales Reps 3 and 4] Hey guys, got a sec? 

Sales Rep 3: What’s up?

Bob: So I just did this research that said when you get your sales opportunities to Stage 3, your odds of winning go way up. Isn’t that awesome?

Sales Rep 3: Wow. That’s fascinating. 

Bob: So, if you could start keeping track of that and put it into Salesforce it would be a huge help. 

Sales Rep 3 and 4: Yeah. [Look at each other and shake their heads “no.”]

Bob: [Sales reps arm wrestle in background.] And then it hit me: Salespeople are competitive. There must be a way to tap into that competitive nature and get them focused on the right behaviors with incentives around something that interests them. So that’s why I launched LevelEleven, a simple way to create competition around any behavior I want the team focused on. If I can measure it in our CRM system, I can create competition around it with LevelEleven. [Bob approaches Sales Rep 5.] Hey, so Karley — remember when we rolled out that new sales process?

Sales Rep 5: Yeah, that was amazing. 

Bob: Yeah, well, I know no one’s really following it. So here’s what we’re going to do: We’re going to run a little contest, and every time you advance a sales opportunity to Stage 3, you’re going to get a carrot. [All sales reps look at carrot.] And we’re going to have a leaderboard that keeps track of how many carrots people are getting. [Bob moves away from rep to speak directly to camera.] And the results have been incredible. At any time I can go through our six-step process to pinpoint the exact behaviors I want my team to focus on this week, this month or this quarter and then socialize performance against those with real-time leaderboards in Salesforce, on my iPhone and even on the big screen. So the next time you need to rally your team around something important, take it from me — use carrots. 

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  1. Doug Schmidt

    Excellent reminder that reinforcing sales behavior with positive reinforcement and measuring the behavior is an excellent way to motivate a sales force. Bob Marsh, provides us an excellent example of an emotionally intelligent leader!

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