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by Megan Seamans November 20, 2018

Burnout Part 1: 6 Tips for Beating Holiday Burnout

Burnout doesn’t happen suddenly. It slowly creeps into life as a result of repeated neglect to oneself. The good news? Burnout can be spotted and prevented with minimal time and a little effort before it’s too late.

by Megan Seamans September 18, 2018

The Beginners Guide to #DF18 From a Fellow Beginner

As a Dreamforce newbie, I’ve heard a lot of positive things about this amazing conference and couldn’t be more excited to attend! With that being said, I also know that Dreamforce is a beast and being prepared is crucial to making the most of the experience. So, I went looking for tips from Dreamforce veterans within LevelEleven. I have gathered their best advice to share with you, my fellow Dreamforce newcomers. Good luck!

by David Leinweber October 24, 2017

9 Must-See Sessions at Dreamforce 2017

With hundreds of speakers and over 180,000 people attending Dreamforce 2017,  it’s no surprise that the event can be overwhelming. That’s why we did the research for you and found 9 sessions that you won’t want to miss. But before the madness begins, enjoy some rest and relaxation on a “Walking Meditation” led by the

by Julie Dunn April 3, 2017

10 AA-ISP sessions for sales management, VPs of Sales

Hundreds of leaders in sales and sales management are headed to the 9th annual AA-ISP Leadership Summit in downtown Chicago this month. As usual, the AA-ISP has put together an impressive lineup of educational events, including 65 sales and leadership sessions, 48 tactical workshops and 4 pre-event certification workshops. There’s plenty to choose from, so

by Julie Dunn March 21, 2017

15 all-star sales leaders you’ll find at the AA-ISP Leadership Summit

In less than a month, almost 1,000 sales leaders will head to downtown Chicago for an exciting event: the 9th Annual AA-ISP Leadership Summit.This three-day event is action-packed. Not only does it feature over 65 sales and leadership sessions, but there are almost 50 tactical breakouts, four pre-event workshops and five unique networking opportunities.

by Julie Dunn January 3, 2017

8 great conferences for sales management this year

Events for sales management can put sizable dents in the company budget. They can also generate some serious ROI. But there are a ton of sales conferences to choose from. Your job is to identify the best events for strengthening your sales management strategy. That’s why we put together a curated list of events happening