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by Julie Dunn March 2, 2016

How New Sales Development Reps Can Sell Like Experts

This piece is part of our series on modern sales reps, by sales reps. Harry Houdini. Criss Angel. David Copperfield. David Blaine. Teller. Remember these names. A deck of 52 rests in my clammy, trembling hands. I stand anxiously behind a heavy curtain — only thing separating myself and my future. Feeling vulnerable due to

by Julie Dunn January 5, 2016

Here’s To Building Modern Sales Teams in 2016 [Video]

Happy new year, sales leaders and friends! We hope you’re ready for a triumphant 2016. We thought we were ready. We even got into the swing of rolling out new year initiatives. But we just don’t feel like we’ve showed you just how thankful we are for how you supported us last year yet. We

by Julie Dunn November 24, 2014

What Sales Leaders Really Wanted from their CRM System

When companies purchase CRM systems like, they are investing in the idea that if they can just measure what’s happening in the marketing and sales process, they can motivate what matters. They could: Create alignment to their growth plans. Quotas go up every year, but that doesn’t mean marketing spend and staffing does too. Leaders need

by Julie Dunn September 15, 2014

Take a Peek at the Insider’s Guide to Connections 2014!

We all know that going to conferences can be stressful, and making preparations intimidating . With so many variables, from travel arrangements to attending sessions, meeting with clients or just finding time to eat and exercise, you have to be sure to plan for as much as you can, and be prepared to adapt as things happen along the

by Julie Dunn September 10, 2014

Your Insider’s Guide to Connections 2014!

Connections is a truly incredible event. Four days in late September will be filled with, as the Connections team likes to say, “inspiration, education and entertainment.” This is the can’t miss conference for digital marketing, hosted by the Salesforce ExactTarget Marketing Cloud, and we want you to be as inspired, educated and entertained as humanly possible on

by Julie Dunn September 5, 2014

LevelEleven Partner Templates: Cirrus Insight [Video]

The new Partner Templates available in the LevelEleven app are all about motivating what matters for making sales by easily leveraging the 3rd party tools in Salesforce. Check out our new video below featuring Cirrus Insight, a powerful tool that allows salespeople to connect their Gmail to Salesforce. With Cirrus Insight you can sync all your important Gmail