LevelEleven’s New Partnership with Geopointe

LevelEleven has entered into a formal partnership with Geopointe, a leading geolocation solution that aims to unlock the “where” in CRM data. We are excited to start working closely with Geopointe in 2018 to develop the next generation of Sales Performance Management solutions.

How Geopointe Works

  • Geopointe provides field-based sales, marketing and service teams the ability to locate prospects and customers in a given area.
  • Through Geopointe, they can develop and plan sales territories, build and execute travel plans and easily log meetings into Salesforce.com.
  • Geopointe offers graphic searching & analysis, live vehicle & asset tracking, routing & optimization, and actionable data.
  • Additional features include heat mapping, demographic layers, check in/out and more.

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Complete Sales Management System

  • LevelEleven has primarily been used by inside sales teams, but this partnership allows us to broaden our solution offerings.
  • There has been an explosion of sales technologies in the last five years that have largely focused on inside sales, but Geopointe separates itself by offering geolocation software that is advantageous to field sales, marketing and service teams.
  • Used together, LevelEleven and Geopointe can build an end-to-end solution for entire sales teams.

LevelEleven Announces Partnership with Geopointe


 What’s Important To Know

  • LevelEleven and Geopointe are both Mobile and Lightning Ready Salesforce Gold Partners.
  • LevelEleven will continue to support inside sales teams and sales leaders in motivating, managing and coaching their teams more effectively.
  • LevelEleven and Geopointe will remain separate entities.
  • No immediate changes will take place until 2018.

Access the press release  for additional information.


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